Learn something new about the South Pacific gem that is the Islands of Tahiti! When people come across Tahiti and Her Islands, the general perception is it’s too expensive for holidaying. Well, the thing is.. it’s true and then it’s not. A holiday in a five-star private island resort will be outrageously expensive, but you know what you’re getting. There are so many islands which are as gorgeous as Bora Bora, but are affordable on the pocket whether you’re looking at family holidays, honeymoons or solo adventures in Tahiti. Also, it’s not French Polynesia any more – the accepted nomenclature is ‘Tahiti and Her Islands’.

With our blogs, take a deep dive into the culture, places to go, resorts and hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, tours and more. From snorkelling in its crystal-clear waters to tasting its island cuisine, you’ll find something interesting enough to tack on to your next holiday to Tahiti!

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