Top 10 Things to do in Moorea, Tahiti

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Moorea is still one of the undiscovered gems in the Islands of Tahiti. Beautiful, remote and picture-perfect in a way that Photoshopped wallpapers can dream of. So, for all people who are busy charting out their holiday to Tahiti and make it large – let us suggest you a few activities and experiences that will make this long-awaited holiday truly epic.

Moorea? Where’s that?

This little paradise is a part of Tahiti’s Society Islands. After landing at Tahiti’s Papeete International Airport, travellers have to hop over to the domestic side and take a 10-minute flight to Moorea. It’s not far at 11 miles away from Papeete – even ferry rides will drop travellers in between half to an hour. This island is a part of an ancient volcanic crater, so it is as lush as it is vibrant. Here’s a picture – see how the tropical rainforests contrast against the crystal-clear waters of the lagoon? Beautiful, just beautiful.

So, what are the things to do in Moorea?

Good that you asked- cause we’re all about that in this little blog. In a nutshell, Moorea is a adventurer’s haven; the speed can be frenetic or balmy – but the experience will tattoo itself in your memory, guaranteed. Tahiti and Her Islands are pretty pristine as it gets, and Moorea is a great example of emerald-green waters, silky white sand beaches, jungles, waterfalls, et all. Oh, and let’s not forget pretty Polynesian villages, idyllic island life, centuries-old traditions and customs to sample… but we get ahead of ourselves. Let’s take the above one at a time.

Swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, kiteboarding and surfing

Wake from a speedboat ride in Moorea

We’re starting off with very low-hanging fruit here. Swimming and exploring the reefs off Moorea is a perpetually fun activity (until fingers turn prunes!). Same for snorkelling, although we’d recommend a guided snorkelling tour to really get to the fun parts. Night tours too. Then, ditch the fiberglass canoe and try sailing a traditional Polynesian outrigger canoe. It takes some time to become familiar with it, but no degree in navigation needed.

Jetski tours

Just mosey into the town and check out any of the several tour operators who will take travellers on a jetski tour of the island and the lagoon. It’s amazing, thrilling and showcases Moorea’s beauty with a healthy dash of adventure. The tours will take adventurers past pods of whales, wild dolphins, over submerged statues of old, blacktip sharks, and … well, we’re not giving everything away. Check it out firsthand, we say!

Polynesian outrigger canoe ride in Moorea
Outrigger canoe getaway in Moorea- the more the merrier

4×4 island safaris

Sign up for an island tour in a four-wheel drive. The tour will dive deep into the jungle, past roaring waterfalls and the scenic vistas of the lovely Opunohu Bay, then visit a vanilla plantation. Oh, there’s stop by the island’s distillery too, where travellers can sample local liqueurs and spirits. As a Moorea activity, it’s pretty much de rigueur.

Paddle off in a pontoon boat

This is a winner with families and mates on a rip. With up to four people, a pontoon boat will sail across the crystal-clear waters of the lagoon with ease. Swim with dolphins and manta rays, take a cooler with juice, stubbies and sandwiches and snorkel to your heart’s content. Oh, and you can also take the pontoon boat on a sunset cruise. Champagne and romance, anyone?

Quad tours

Quad bike rides to explore Moorea properly

Rip around Moorea’s jungles and dirt paths in a powerful ATV. Who can say no to that, eh? Travellers do need to show a driving licence, but after that – why, your tour group will roar into the mountain, slalom through a pineapple plantation, the local school, and more scenic gems. Hot tip: Keep your phones charged as you’ll visit the Magic Mountain for a great photo op.

Get a monoi oil massage

Tahitian massages are renowned for their therapeutic properties, but the monoi oil is on a whole different level. It is a perfume-infused oil made when Tahitian gardenia petals are soaked in pure coconut oil. Not only is it completely organic, monoi oil has a warm, musky fragrance and has a range of benefits. The infused coconut oil has great moisture-retaining and rehydrating qualities, besides softening the skin and hair. Tahitians have been using monoi oil in various aspects of their lives since the past 2,000 years, so… yes, it’s been thoroughly tested and vetted. Bottom line, a monoi oil massage does great things to your adventure-tired body. ‘Nuff said.

Sign for a island night to experience a rivetting dance performance!

Fishing charters

For anglers, Moorea is perfect for deep sea fishing. Charter a boat, fill the cooler with beer and head on out to the deep blue sea. Travellers will thoroughly enjoy a day out on the blue with expert fishermen, good music, good beer and a great time catching mahi mahi, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, swordfish, and if lady luck deigns, a big marlin. Oh oh, and you can also try your hand at spearfishing, too! Add this gem to your Moorea activity bucket-list

Electric Bikes in Moorea

These are bicycles with electric packs and oversized tyres, perfect for handling all of Moorea’s tarmac, dirt paths, sandy beaches and gravel roads. You can pedal when the battery goes low, but the fun won’t stop! There’s also the Coco Rider, which is an electric scooter modified for island use. These bikes are perfect for putting around, exploring Moorea on your own. Families, you’ll love the activity.

Swimming with blacktip sharks in Moorea’s crystal-clear waters

Get up, close and personal with humpback whales

In our opinion, this is an activity which takes the crown every single time. Granted, it’s not exclusive to Moorea, but… isn’t it a wonderful opportunity to get to know one of the biggest creatures on the planet? It’s a huge adventure, seeing these gentle leviathans playing and relaxing after their long journey from the polar icecaps. And who knows, one of these whales might just grace you with a huge waterspout selfie!

Moorea: Top 10 Things to Do (Or Are There More?)

So, there you are, the top 10 activities in Moorea that work for first-timers as well as return visitors. We’ve not covered all, mind you. There are some great picnic spots, beaches, small motus (islands in local speak) for romantic getaways from Moorea and so on. Hey who knows, we might start and give you a second blog on the next set of great activities in Moorea for travellers! Check out our other blogs on the Islands of Tahiti, Fiji, Samoa and other South Pacific destinations.

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