French Polynesia

Read all about French Polynesia (or as it is now called ‘Tahiti & Her Islands‘), its thousands of years old culture, its tribes, the legends and stories, and yes, we’re not skipping over its Photoshop-worthy white sand beaches. And Bora Bora.

But this is exactly why our blogs and posts will blow you away! Because there’s tons more to these islands than what you know… and we’ll tell you all about them! Did you know that one of French Polynesia’s islands, Tikehau, has beautifully-tinted pink sand beaches? Did you even know there were pink sand beaches? (A-HA!) Then, Tiputa Pass is known for drift dives where scuba-divers of some experience can find themselves drifting past wall of coral blooms, sharks big and small, dolphins, manta rays and even whales! Or the fact that Polynesian navigators were regarded by their tribes as second only to the high chiefs because of their uncanny ability to navigate across thousands of miles accurately without even a compass or a map!

Bookmark this page – we’ll keep updating it with more blogs on French Polynesia, erm… Tahiti & Her Islands here!

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