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Solomon Islands - Islands Lost In Time - Discover A Pristine Virgin Location

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Explore the best-kept secret of the South Pacific with our wholesale packages. Check out our cherry-picked hotels like Uepi Island Resort, Ngarando Island Resort, Fatboys Gizo, and MORE for travel in 2017 and 2018!

Explore the hidden paradise of this Pacific archipelago comprising of 992 islands; there is so much to see and do in the Solomon Islands – from the diver’s paradise of diverse marine life, to the wild interiors of local village treks.

Solomon Islands holiday and travel specials! Explore the best-kept secret of the South Pacific with our wholesale packages! Checkout Uepi Island Resort, Ngarando Island Resort, Fatboys Gizo and MORE!

The last of the islands to be ‘commercialised’, Solomon Islands is the last spot in the South Pacific to retain the other-worldly beauty and charm we see in movies and books.

A pristine example of ‘lost paradise’ hidden away in the aquamarine waves of the South Pacific seas, Solomon Islands is a bounty of untouched Nature. A diving paradise with perfect beaches, water as clear as glass and a unique meld of Polynesian, Melanesian and Micronesian cultures – this has all the ingredients of an unforgettable trip.

With its four volcanoes providing an awe-inspiring bass tempo, take a walk in the wilderness and see wild orchids in colours and palettes you never knew possible. Then, to cool off, jump in the glassy waters and explore sunken World War 2 frigates, destroyers and aeroplanes providing a natural foundation for the coral reefs.


Within the 992 islands, here’s a list of activities to get you thinking:

  • Arguably the best diving location in the world! Honeymoons in idyllic island resorts
  • Weddings! Get married at Uepi Island, it’s beyond magical…
  • Couples’ getaways
  • Bilikiki dive live-aboard – Live on a sumptuously-appointed, luxury dive ship which will take you to some of the best dive locations, beaches and islands (Hint: Don’t forget Marovo Lagoon, Western Solomons, etc!)
  • Explore the Solomon Islands. Soak in the history at Guadalcanal, soak some sun at Marovo Lagoon, watch the yachts at Gizo, Munda etc)


Solomon Island Hot Deals! Packages for adventurers, romantics, explorers, families alike!

Beautiful islands, engaging history, and the ultimate in relaxation – with so much to do, where to begin planning your Solomon Islands holidays?! Contact our South Pacific specialists whom are accredited and also recommended by the Solomon Islands Visitors Tourism Body!


At Hideaway Holidays, we have curated packages for adventurers, couples, explorers and families. Our South Pacific specialists are recommended by the Solomon Islands’ Visitors Tourism Board themselves!

The best part? There is a beauty to the Solomons light-years away from what we expect, but it’s hardly a few hours from Australia.

Email us now for more information on this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Feel the spirit of adventure as you explore the Solomons; take a step back in time where the islands remain – unhurried, undeveloped, untouched and unspoiled.
For the diver take a dive live aboard cruise to explore the underwater world of the Solomnon Islands. Experience the diversity of the Pacific cultures and discover a place so different, but so Solomons…remember – the Solomons may be worlds apart, but it is only hours away. Direct flights to the Solomons are from Brisbane with connections to the outer islands.

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