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With sublimely beautiful beaches, miles of clear, glittering waters and the warmest hospitality you can chance upon, Cook Islands will be a holiday for the ages.

The main island is Rarotonga; along with Aitutaki, Mangaia, Atiu, Mauke, Takutea, Manuae, Palmerston and Mitiaro – each with its own unique beauty, fun and identity. For couples, families, solo travellers and mates, there are a million and one activities to be experienced. Explore Rarotonga’s beaches and villages, Atiu’s mountainous ranges and forests, Manuae’s thriving marine life or just laze by the clean white sand beaches of Aitutaki – a trip to the Cook Islands will guarantee lasting memories!

Explore Cook Islands - People and Culture

The native population are a unique cultural blend of ancient Polynesian heritage and modernism. Strongly Christian and with rooted family values, the villages foster a strong social bond. The Cook Islanders are also some of the best drummers, dancers and singers in the South Pacific – just attend a cultural performance and you’ll be entranced by the intricate story-telling sessions with dance and music.

Polynesian explorers from the islands of Tahiti discovered and settled in these 15 islands back in the 6th century. Then, with the influx of Portuguese settlers, Christian missionaries and early settlers, the island slowly developed its own history, mythology and lore. Of course, the culture is inimitably Cook Islands, but they are unmistakably Polynesian.

Explore Cook Islands - Culture
Explore Cook Islands - Cuisine and Food

The island fare has its foundations in root vegetables and fresh seafood – both plentiful in and around the 15 landmasses. Coconuts, taro, bananas, pawpaw and arrowroot feature prominently in grown produce while octopus and pork have their own feast dishes! We do recommend at least trying the traditional marinated fish dish of ike mata, the Cook Islands version of Fijian Kokoda!

The Cook Islands has some of the clearest waters in the world. On an average day, visibility is around 50 feet to over 200 feet of shimmering seas, making it a mecca for diving, snorkelling and water sports. Then, travellers can charter trips to see humpback whales on their seasonal visit (July-October) to this island destination. Aitutaki, Tongareva and Rarotonga are surrounded by some of the largest lagoons in the world. A cruise is the perfect way to spend a relaxing day amidst natural beauty of the South Pacific Ocean. Also, a visit to a village is must to experience true Cook Island hospitality. Guests will learn about arts, crafts, pearl farming, and the traditional feast. A Mitiaro home-stay is recommended for a true immersion in island life.

Explore Cook Islands - Experiences and Activities

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