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So you’ve decided to explore the Land of the Long White Cloud! Because… that’s what Aotearoa, New Zealand’s Maori name is. A perfect blend of First World modernity, centuries-old tribal culture and traditions, along with sinfully beautiful locales, New Zealand has no problem standing apart from the crowd.

An international holiday favourite, New Zealand was always beautiful, but came into notice after Peter Jackson’s LOTR trilogy (and a bunch of related saga adaptations by now). But…. if you haven’t heard of this lovely country till date, take a look below and whet your appetite – this is going to be your dream destination for quite a while!

Welcoming travellers with the Maori greeting in New Zealand

As of right now, New Zealand is home to Kiwis of over 70 nationalities, who have immigrated over the years. For its size, Aotearoa is a cultural melting pot unlike another. That being said, the principal ethnicity is European, followed by the indigenous Maori, Asians and Pacific Islanders and so on. Travellers will find New Zealand a country which celebrates its own and other cultures’ festivals with equal gusto. So there will be festivities for the Maori start of the new year called Matariki, then Christmas, Holi, the Yuan Xiao (Chinese Lantern) Festival and the Samoan Teuila being celebrated with bucket loads of fun and pomp. Makes for a perpetually fun calendar, we say.

And having said the above, New Zealand celebrates its Maori identity, too. It’s proud Polynesian roots can be through a visit to its many museums and tours, traditional Maori villages and more. In fact, the Te Papa Museum is regarded as one of the world’s most unique centres which reflects the amalgamation of modern tech-forward outlook and its role as a cultural conservatory. It has been a gracious host to other cultures too – just see the Pasifika cultural festival! Held annually in Auckland, it is the largest gathering/celebration of non-Maori Pacific islanders and their cultures. Fijian, Samoan, No-Vanuatu, Niuean, Cook Islander, PNG, Micronesian, Tongan, Tahitian and more! As a holiday destination, New Zealand is a hot broth of cultural mishmash and all the more lovely for it.

Maori traditional dance New Zealand culture
Tasting platters for a family on a New Zealand holiday

Again, varied and happily overwhelming. A lot of the cuisine travellers will sample with be international and continental. The European settlers brought over their food influences, which got happily assimilated here. The fish and chips available here is as scrumptious as available in ye merry olde England, but it would be a pity if holiday-makers stuck to savoury pies and pizzas. New Zealand’s Pacific Rim cuisine, which incorporates its Maori roots, is just as fabulous. As is varied cuisines from around the world brought here by the settlers. For example, Wellington and Auckland have some of the world’s best hole-in-the-all restaurants and food stalls serving Indian, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Mediterranean, Iranian, Afrikaan and other tastes. Be adventurous and sample some yummy goodness, yes?

Of course, a holiday would not be complete without a reasonable variety of activities, tours and experiences. Aotearoa does not disappoint on this parameter, no sir. This is the place which created an international sport out of nothing but a cliff and a stretchy rope – bungee jumping. Then, there’s jet-boating – an extremely safe, yet 100% thrilling tour where travellers climb aboard a powerful motorboat which zooms through high, narrow river valleys at hair-raising velocities. There’s hiking trails which rival the best in the world, where a pair of study boots and some hard walking would reward adventurers with glorious sights of crystal-clear streams, lush forests, beaches, and snow-covered peaks – and that’s in one hike. There’s the Bay of Islands, first timers should really sign up for a day-cruise and soak in the sights of forest-covered hills and emerald-green waters of the bay. We can go on all day, but thankfully you can check out our blogs on New Zealand for more pictures and great things to do!

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