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Imagine no pollution or traffic, only pearly white beaches, modern resorts and all the fun and fervour of a long-deserved break. Often known as ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’, Vanuatu’s 83 islands bring together old-fashioned charm and hospitality of the bygone decades, traditional village life and the unsullied flora and fauna that you can only read about in a magazine!

As soon as travellers land in Port Vila, the magic starts. Located on the main island of Efate, Port Vila is surrounded by miles of delicate reef and beaches that wows people before they even get off the plane. Espiritu Santo provides amazing views of forest-covered mountains, underground caves and powdery-white sand beaches. The island of Tanna is another highlight with Mt Yasur, a favourite of eco-tourists, adventure lovers and divers alike.

Read on to know more about what makes Vanuatu so special – when you want to explore Vanuatu, do it right!

Explore Vanuatu - People

The indigenous Melanesian people of Vanautu are termed as ni-Vanuatu and consist of over 98% of the population. The minority rest are made up of Europeans, Asian and other Pacific Islander immigrants. As a whole, the people are warm, affable and sliding into a relaxed ‘island-time’ mode isn’t that difficult at all!

The Melanesian seed of Vanuatu has ripened over centuries to gift Vanuatu an incredible tapestry of history, culture and lore. Just a few hours away from Australia and New Zealand, this country has held steadfastly to values, mythology and traditions spanning hundreds of years. A visit to the villages of Efate, Tanna and Espiritu Santo will afford travellers a glimpse into the lives of the people and the complexities of their folklore via songs, dances and cultural events.

Explore Vanuatu - Culture
Explore Vanuatu – Food and Cuisines

Vanuatu’s tropical climate and volcanic soil has resulted in an abundance of organically-grown fresh produce, one of the world’s best strains of beef and abosolutely fresh seafood. Whether you sample food from a street-cart, a wholesale market or a classy restaurant, the taste will be inimitable as well as memorable.

From hiking trails that lead to breathtaking ‘blue holes’ of freshwater caves and waterfalls to zorbing down its hills, there’s something for everybody. Ziplining aficionados will be especially wowed with trails passing miles of mountains and valleys in a matter of minutes. For more relaxed fun, kayaking and stand-up paddling in the tranquil clear waters of the South Pacific Ocean can’t be beaten. Vanuatu has one of the best diving and snorkelling spots in the world. Plentiful sea-life abound its soft coral reefs to woo divers along with massive underwater grottos and caverns.

Explore Vanuatu – Activities and Experiences

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