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The South Pacific confounds even the savviest map buffs with its splatter of dots spread across the world’s biggest ocean. What you can’t tell from a map, or even most tourist brochures, is that these palm-laden pinpricks are as diverse as the region is vast.


From Tahiti and Her Islands to Fiji and Micronesia, these countries hold within themselves centuries of history, culture, customs and traditions. Even the beaches are wildly different. Niue’s rocky cliffs are a world away from Cook Islands’ silky white sand beaches, while the travellers will wow over rare pink sand beaches of Tikehau, French Polynesia. Surfers will swear by Samoa and Natadola, while kite surfers will take off in an entirely different direction (pun fully intended!). But a few things do unite these countries – crystal-clear waters, warm island hospitality and great memories!

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Aside from indigenous natives, the people of these island nations reflect the homogenisation of a multitude of cultures and races. From Polynesian to Melanesian and Indian, these islands have a representation of almost all races. Some are natives while others are descendants of settlers long gone. What you see and get is a multicultural potpourri of languages, cuisines and cultures – and its wonderful!

Get ready for an amazing show of old-world mythology, centuries of history and swashbuckling adventure! Although small, these island nations hold plenty of action and excitement to hold riveted the most casual of tourists. Visit a village in Fiji, a commune in New Caledonia or a pearl farm in Tahiti to know about the history of each. There are plenty of museums, cultural tours and expeditions both over land and undersea to blow away minds with sheer awesomeness. For example, the tiare apetahi orchid only grows within a volcano on the island of Raiatea – and nowhere else on earth! Sign up for a holiday, we’ll get you the tour.

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As with any homogenised culture, the South Pacific has a wide library of cuisines and dishes to woo travellers. As is expected, seafood is par excellence in any of the islands – sushi and sashimi lovers, rejoice! Vanuatu’s beef is of particular renown, too. But vegetarians need not worry as all countries in the South Pacific feature a heavy dose of fresh fruits and produce. The fertile soil and the tropical climate produce some of the best citrus fruits and root vegetables like yams, cassava and sweet potatoes travellers will ever taste.

But of course, beaches. it is one of the best things about visiting a South Pacific nation and we’ll give it due credit. From world famous beaches like Natadola in Fiji to secluded venues on Vanuatu’s and Tahiti’s islands, there is plenty of choice. Scuba-diving, deep-sea fishing, snorkelling in brilliant banks of coral reefs and wreck-diving are but a few of the scores of water-sports available to enthusiasts. On land, we recommend visiting villages, going for off-road safaris, hiking, attending cultural events, exploring jungles… the list goes on. If you have any country you want to explore, just click the link or talk to our South Pacific Specialists for helpful ideas on where to go for your next holiday!

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