Book with Confidence with Hideaway Holidays! We understand you are naturally concerned about travelling due to COVID-19.... We, as well as some of our hotel suppliers and selected airlines are supporting you and have relaxed cancellation and amendment policies which means you can amend and change your travel plans if required once booked. Take advantage of amazing South Pacific airfares and deals now for your future travels #PlanNowTravelLater
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All Meals Packages

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Travelling in these times, especially when you’re planning with family, mates or as a couple, needs just a little bit more planning than before. Now we will need to triple-check holiday budgeting, flight timings, alternatives, insurance, resort safety and hygiene and a million other things.

And more than before, all-inclusive holiday deals seem just so pocket-friendly and logical. In recent times though, all-inclusive deals have become slight… hard to find and sometimes don’t include all the perks as they used to. As travel and tourism in the South Pacific brushes off the slumber-fest and picks up, we’ve gone the extra mile and collected the season’s best holiday deals which do include three full meals (and canapes, if possible – om nom nom!) in the staples. Not just breakfast, or brekky and dinner – all three meals. Cause that’s what you want, and we’ll make it happen. Below, you’ll find fresh and updated holiday deals with all meals for Fiji, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Samoa and other South Pacific favourites. So when you’re looking for the perfect Vanuatu All-Inclusive Holiday package for your family, which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner – we’ll scour the Pacific country for all the resorts and hotels which are offering such a combination and present it to you. In fact, we’re reaching out to our partners resorts to help tailor such deals just like you want them!

Go ahead, explore our All Meals packages below! We’ve also got Cook Islands all-inclusive holiday deals, as well as Samoa all-inclusive holidays! At any point in time, if you’d like to talk to one of our South Pacific Specialists, feel free to call 1300 991 751 and have a chat on what your dream island holiday should be like. Or, if you have a specific bucket-list, just jot it down in our enquiry form and we’ll scour all islands and scores of resorts to make it happen. That’s the Hideaway Holidays’ promise.

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