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One of the smallest self-governing nations in the world, Niue is home to swathes of pristine forests untouched by human design or influence, the largest cave system in the South Pacific, the clearest waters for snorkelling and diving, along with great resorts and accommodations. This little destination is starkly different from other South Pacific countries. As the island is a giant coral atoll, its geography, coast line and vistas are wildly unique. Steep limestone cliffs fall sharply away to form huge stone arches and massive grottos washed by the clearest emerald waters of the Pacific Ocean. The seas are so transparent that underwater visibility is usually measured around 180-260 feet!

Explore Niue - People

Over the years, the island’s population has dwindled to just under 1,500 citizens due to emigration. Of these, over half consist of indigenous Niueans, a significant section consists of mixed Niueans and the rest are made up of immigrants from Europe and other nations. Because of the size of the island and the small population, it is not uncommon to see islanders greet travellers on their way.

The centuries of history have seen this country amass a treasure trove of legends, historical figures and stories passed down for generations. Besides the weekly market, each of the 14 villages hosts an annual event highlighted by dance, songs, performances and feasts. From the village market (or ‘makete’ as they call it), travellers can buy unique handcrafted souvenirs and mementos of their visits, too!

Explore Niue– People and Culture
Explore Niue – Food and Cuisines

As is common for an island nation, Niue prides itself on its steady supply of fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables. From breadfruit, taro, cassava and shellfish, you can expect a culinary feast at every meal!

From swimming with dolphins, diving, snorkelling, exploring the massive caves, nature hikes, cultural tours and yachting, there are a ton of fun activities which will make the days float by. Travellers come here because they’ve heard about the crystal-clear waters, amazing scuba-diving, snorkelling and whale-watching, but the real gem of Niue is the friendly nature of the people. Plus, it is always a powerful incentive to visit a place with zero traffic jams, no rush hour, no traffic lights, zero crime, no deadlines and no frowns!

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