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With alluring names like Bora Bora, Moorea, Nuku Hiva; this destination provides travellers with craggy mountains, tropical forests, secluded beaches, ancient culture and legendary warmth of the people in one neat package. Each of Tahiti’s 118 islands has its own claim to fame, charm and a host of activities perfect for honeymooners, couples, families and solo travellers. Covering an area as vast as European Union, there are scores of international-standard hotels and resorts dotting the Austral, Marquesas, Tuamotu, Gambier and Society archipelagos.

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Ethnically, over half the population is pure Polynesian, with a smattering of French, European and Chinese and mixed Polynesian making up the rest of French Polynesia. Over the years as a French collective, the island nation has become a unique amalgam of the best of France and Polynesia.

Despite the stunning beaches, surfing, hiking and scuba diving which draw tourists, it is the Tahitian way of life which is the real secret of this destination. A magical blend of French savoir-faire and Polynesian charm reflected in the music, dance, art and hospitality; it woos travellers into returning over and over again.

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Explore Tahiti French Polynesia - Food & Cuisines

For any foodie, Tahiti and Her Islands will be one of the best holidays ever. Offering trendy restaurants, clubs, bars, patisseries and street-food, the nation’s food is a blend of traditional Polynesian and modern French cuisines. With fresh seafood taking the centre stage, travellers would also sample numerous varieties of fruits, vegetables and especially root crops such as breadfruit, taro and sweet potatoes. Do try their unique version of sweet potato French fries with a classic American burger!

Once travellers have overcome their initial awe and wonder over the sheer beauty of the island’s black sand beaches, miles of clear waters and towering mountains; there are a lot of lands and sea-based activities to jump into. From jet-skiing the glassy green waters, riding a horse down the beach, to a wild off-road 4×4 tour in the mountains, we’ve compiled a short list.

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