Mount Yasur

There are mountains, there are volcanoes and then… there is Mount Yasur. The rumbling, active volcano provides thrill-seekers with one of the rarest tours ever – the chance to get right up close to the lip of a live volcano!

Smoking, pulsing mounds of ash and lava – this is undoubtedly, one of the top 10 things any traveller will list on their death-bed. And yet, touring the Mount Yasur volcano is a safe activity. Check out our blogs and posts on Yasur and Tanna Island on everything that you can end up experiencing besides the volcano tour – and there’s a lot in Vanuatu! From the island’s black sand beaches, lush olive forests, pink reef banks and the multi-coloured marine flora and fauna – there are activities aplenty. So read on, check out out a few all-inclusive holidays and make your own bucket-list!

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