Pearl Resorts: Ramping up COVID safety and hygiene measures in Tahiti

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Listen to Pearl Resorts: Ramping up COVID safety and hygiene measures in Tahiti

To ensure travellers holidaying in Tahiti and Her Islands stay healthy and infection-free, the Pearl Resorts of Tahiti have unveiled a slew of health and safety measures. Apart from the fact that the islands, hotels, resorts and sparse population are naturally conducive to social distancing, the hotel group is going all out to make sure visitors to all its resorts benefit from top-notch COVID safety precautions.

The Pearl Group operates Le Tahiti By Pearl Resorts, Le Taha’a By Pearl Resorts, Le Bora Bora By Pearl Resorts, Le Tikehau By Pearl Resorts and the Le Nuku Hiva By Pearl Resorts. Because there are so many and pay attention to each segment of a holiday, we decided to compress them into a blog for all travellers to read during their #travelresearch period.

Arrival, welcome and check-in

Black sand beach in Tahiti
The black sand beaches of Tahiti are waiting for you. Also, these islands mastered social distancing years ago!

Arrival at the airport (outside Tahiti): The welcome desk is cleaned before each arrival and disinfectant gel is available so that guests can disinfect their hands when leaving the plane and before taking their transfer. In order to respect distances and avoid contact, the flower leis will be available in self-service at the reception desk. Luggage service is carried out as usual, subject to client’s acceptance.

Transfer (outside Tahiti): The hotel chain will pay more attention to the disinfection of all transfer vehicles’ high contact areas, to the point that the boats and buses are cleaned after each transfer. Social distancing will be practiced according to the number of guests; when such is impossible, a mask is mandatory. Additionally, wearing a mask is recommended during the transfer. Masks are provided to guests who do not have one to ensure adherence to COVID safety measures.

Arrival at the hotel/ Check-in: Guests are welcomed at the hotel as usual with performances of the traditional pù and ukulele; the maintenance of their Polynesian welcome is essential. Guest will be escorted to the check-in area, where a hand-sanitiser is available at the reception. Check-in is done quickly, efficiently and respecting social distancing. The resorts still offer their welcome cocktail, but the traditional oshibori (hot towel service) has been temporarily discontinued. Moreover, each client has a personal pen and is asked to keep and use it throughout the stay.

The receptionists have at their disposal disinfectant wipes to clean high-contact areas between each guest, like counters, tables, armrests, payment terminals, phones, tablets, keyboards, room keys, pens, etc. Over and above, the entire reception area is cleaned twice a day.

Inside the Pearl Holiday Resorts

Overwater bungalows in Tikehau
The overwater bungalows at the Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort.

Hotel – General: The cleaning of the common areas is reinforced with a minimum of two passages per day, in addition to that done by each service according to the recommendations. The cleaning is done with bactericidal products and special attention is paid to the contact areas like door handles, elevator buttons, switches and so on. 

The Rooms: Once check-in is done, guests are accompanied to the door their rooms/ suites. To avoid increasing contact, guests are invited to open the door and enter themselves. If the guest wishes, the presentation of the room is done by avoiding contact with the equipment. The resort staff now have instructions to inform guests of the new procedures in place. Luggage is delivered during check-in.

Indoor Hygiene Standards and Rituals: Between each client, the room is blocked at least 24 hours, if possible 48 hours. The room is left ‘to rest’ for 6 hours minimum before housekeeping starts on their cleanliness routines. Plus, during the intervention of housekeeping, the room is ventilated.

The staff has implemented a reinforced cleaning plan with suitable COVID-effective products. High contact areas such as door and window handles, cupboards, drawers, wall switches, bedside lamps, remote controls for TV and air conditioning, the telephone, coffee machine, teapot, minibar, ice cube tray, room safe, iron, tables, armrests, desks, deckchairs and outdoor furniture are wiped down and sanitised. 

All linen is changed and cleaned at 60°C, which include sheets, mattress protectors, pillow covers, sofa covers, and cushion covers – no contact is made between clean linen and dirty linen.

The bathroom is disinfected in its entirety, shower, bath, toilet with a focus on the taps, handles, flush, hair dryer and unused toiletries are changed between each guest. 

Room service: The daily room cleaning service and the blanket service are maintained while respecting the barrier gestures. Guests can decide not to use this service, in this case they should notify the reception or put the ‘do not disturb’ sign at the entrance.

Outdoor furniture on the garden outside of the Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort
Now here’s a moment to savour alone with your partner at the Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort (there are two flutes of sparkling wine hidden by the chairs, but they will be there!)

Restaurants & Bars

Service: The tables are spaced to respect the safety distances. The tables are not adjusted during the service. Hand sanitiser is available at the entrance of restaurants. There are now two teams in the restaurant, one in charge of the service and the other in charge of clearing tables. If guests do not wish to go to the restaurant, room service fees will not be applied. In this context, room service time may take longer than usual now. The menus are available via a QR code for customers who do not wish to manipulate menus physically. Tables, counters, chairs and consoles must be cleaned with a bactericidal product between each service.

Staff Safety & Hygiene: All staff members are now mandated to wear a mask or visor, respect barrier gestures and wash their hands regularly.

Meals: Although the breakfast buffet is maintained, to avoid contact-multiplication, the service will be assured by the resort staff. Depending on the number of patrons at the restaurant, waiters may have to limit the flow at the buffet. Lunch and dinner will now be à la carte and the same recommendations will apply at the bars.


View of Hakaui Bay in Nuku Hiva
The fantastic views around Hakaui Bay in Nuku Hiva.

The resorts now encourage guests to bring their own snorkelling equipment. But even so, snorkelling equipment remains available. It is loaned for the duration of the stay and guests must keep it with them. Between each client, the equipment is disinfected and is not reused for at least 24 hours. The swimming pool remains accessible to guests; however it is recommended that the guests go swimming in the lagoon/ sea (the recommendations of the Health Department are 3 swimmers per 2 sq metres of water).

The pool water is kept in a permanent state of disinfection by a dosage determined in accordance with the regulations in force. Parasols and sunbeds are set up respecting social distancing.

Holidaying in Tahiti & Her Islands… Again!

Although these measures may seem a little droll for a fun holiday in the islands, we should remember that they are for our own good and no one wants to come back with COVID-19. Selfies are better, infection … not so much! For more detailed analysis of each resort’s individual measures, you can check out the resort pages above. Did you know that Air Tahiti Nui is also connecting the world to Tahiti & Her Islands, but with heightened customer safety measures and COVID precautions? Check out the details here!

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