Why You Should Look For All-Inclusive Holiday Deals

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Look for the perfect South Pacific holiday deal? Check out why booking all-inclusive holiday deals to Fiji, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Tahiti and more can be the best decision ever!

Saving up for a holiday is as common and important as doing taxes, maintaining insurance and scheduling dental check-ups – if you’re not doing all the above, then you need to think right. But when the time comes to book a holiday, there are so many options out there! Some good, some outrageously luxurious and some just not right for the time. And the South Pacific being right next door; it’s just all the more alluring to imagine flying to a tropical island paradise for a couple of weeks.

Muri Beach Resort Rarotonga Cook Islands
Cultural evening at the Muri Beach Resort

But travel isn’t cheap and doing a little bit of research on holiday packages and their types can actually free up a lot of the travel budget for experiences, tours and such. When people book just flights and accommodations, they budget for meals and experiences. What isn’t accounted for are a lot of things – such as airport transfers to resort, domestic inter-island transfers via air/ speedboat/ ferry, cab rides to tours points … and drinkies. The last one is usually winged with a steadily dwindling budget. As the holiday draws to a close, choices usually end with the cheapest beer on the block – not really indulging the holiday ‘spirit’.

In case of family holidays, this becomes even more important. Meals for kids aren’t always cheap, and kid menus are not usually de rigueur at all restaurants in the South Pacific. Plus, which set of parents won’t mind a few glasses of chilled wine on the house and good table service after the kiddies have been taken care of?

What are all-inclusive holidays?

Vomo Island Resort, Fiji
Some peace and privacy on your all-inclusive Fiji holiday at Vomo?

There are a few varieties of all-inclusive South Pacific holiday deals, some of which can be outright winners. The basic definition means that your accommodation booking will include all meals and drinks for the duration of your stay. Resort-based offers will have a seasonal special or two tacked on, like complimentary canapes or evening entertainment along with the meals. The latter are pretty special, though – you shouldn’t miss a fia fia night or a Fijian fire-walking session if you’ve the chance. They’re pretty sweet deals, except for a small con – the resort can only club together what it can provide within its own bounds, no?

Then, there are all-inclusive holiday deals tailored by travel specialists. These will have extras like airfare, the above-mentioned transfers to and from the resort and of course, the meals and drinks. Plus, they can leverage seasonal specials from their list of tour operators to add on popular experiences (that will also have their special discount!).

Why go for all-inclusive holidays?

Crystal Blue Lagoon Villas Rarotonga Cook Islands
Thinking of Rarotonga, Cook Islands?

If the logic hasn’t appealed already, let’s break it down. All-inclusive holiday deals to South Pacific countries like Fiji, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Micronesia, Niue and the like are the foundation on which couples, families, adventurers and experiential travellers can build their own holiday experiences. You’ve got the all the necessaries taken care of – stays, meals, drinks, cabbing and ancillaries. The rest is up to you on how to spend the days and nights.

Taken separately, individual bookings might look cheaper in comparison to all-inclusive holiday deals. But when you come back home with the bills and start accounting, the latter will always save more money – which could have been used for holiday splurging!

All-inclusive deals are the smartest decision when trying out a new destination. Once travellers have accrued the first holiday experience in a South Pacific country, then individually picking out flights, stays in different islands, ferry transfers, scuba-diving tours, etc. is easier. But when you’re flying in for the first time, a New Caledonia or a Samoa all-inclusive holiday package is the ultimate ‘travel happiness’ insurance.

All-inclusive holidays in South Pacific

As the most popular South Pacific destination, there are plenty of Fiji resorts and Fiji holiday packages with all-inclusive tags. The same goes for Vanuatu holiday packages, Cook Islands, New Caledonia and Solomon Islands holiday deals.

Manuia Beach Resort Cook Islands
Hey presto, island paradise at your service! Pic: Manuia Island Resort

The real whales of them would be Tahiti all-inclusive holiday packages. Because spending a week in Bora Bora can rack up $10,000 easy. Here, even experienced travellers will wait for an all-inclusive deal in a five-star Moorea resort. And yes, there are such deals for full-service, five-star luxury resorts too (smirk)! So do keep an eye out for Fiji all-inclusive holiday packages for havens like Vomo and InterContinental.

If you nab a holiday like above, the only thing running out perpetually will be your phone battery!

So now you’ve a little bit more insider knowledge about travelling smart, sally forth and search for your perfect holiday in Fiji and other South Pacific countries. (Or, if you feel like talking to a South Pacific Specialist, call us on 1300 991 751. You can also check out our all-inclusive holiday deals – we’ve got all the above and more!)

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