Radisson Blu Fiji: Vaccinated and ready for travellers!

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Listen to Radisson Blu Fiji: Vaccinated and ready for travellers!

The Radisson Blu Resort Fiji, Denarau Island has announced that 100% of its staff and guests are fully vaccinated. This includes guest staying in-house and staff that are currently working since the second wave of COVID19 in April. The second round of vaccination was conducted and completed at the resort on June 25, 2021.

More importantly, the resort is open 7 days and is a non-quarantine property. That means no one/two-week quarantine process followed by other resorts, hotels, and countries – just land and mosey about like it’s… 2018! But, that said, the resort has not let down its SGS-certified sanitisation practices or guidelines. So, considering the current Covid-19 situation in Fiji, the resort has tightened its policies and have implemented a very strict booking protocol in place. Each enquiry is vetted and reviewed by management before any confirmation.

It’s a point of great pride for Radisson Blu Resort Fiji to be the first resort on Denarau and Fiji to get certification as an SGS Pledge Covid-19 compliant hotel. The resort has also implemented several policy and regulation protocols mandatory in-house. The latter is in line with being a part of the CareFiji Commitment, following the World Health Organisation’s recommendations and Fiji’s Health Authority’s regulations.

Radisson Blu Resort Fiji staff disinfecting the reception area
Radisson Blu Resort Fiji staff disinfecting the reception area and being COVID ready!

Resort General Manager Charles Homsy said, “We are grateful for the MOH for their amazing job in rolling out the vaccines in record times all around Fiji. We are committed to play our part and contribute in the effort to prevent the spread of this virus and strive for a quick return to a normal situation. Having the second vaccine dose makes our bubble at the Radisson a safe haven for us and everyone around us. Now that our staff and guests in-house are fully vaccinated, we would like all our future guests and visitors to be too”.

For example, even after getting vaccinated across the board, Radisson Blu Resort Fiji has kept rules such as

  • Mandatorily wearing a mask in public spaces around the resort, covering mouth and both nostrils fully.
  • The Care Fiji app must be downloaded and always switched on, as long as guests are onsite and when leaving the resort. As a protocol, guests are required to show the resort’s security team when re-entering the resort each time.
  • No gathering of groups anywhere in public places.
  • Social and physical distancing policy and procedure to be followed strictly as directed in-house around the resort.

The wellbeing and safety of all guests, team members and any visitors, remain one of the resort’s top priorities and our South Pacific Specialists applaud the move, too! For a more in-depth reading of the resort’s famed SGS-certified hygiene and sanitisation measures to protect international guests against COVID19, have a look at our blog ‘Radisson Fiji adds SGS Pledge Audit on COVID Cleanliness’. Also, first time traveller? Get a downlow on the gem that is the Radisson Blu Resort Fiji Denarau Island with our blog and video.

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