A Ready Reckoner of Samoa’s Wow-worthy Beaches

DestinationThe Manase Beach in Samoa
Listen to A Ready Reckoner of Samoa’s Wow-worthy Beaches

This is a quick guide of Samoa’s picturesque beaches for first timers as well as returning visitors. Note that we did not say Top 10 list, or the best of – it’s just a list of notable beaches on the islands of Savai’i and Upolu. We just think that Samoa’s beaches as a whole stack up to any sun-and-surf destination globally (and that it just ends up in nitpicking anyway!).

We’ll point out a ready trend, too. You’ll find that most of the beaches are named after the village nearest to it. Very important to note – most of the beaches are a part of the village and are regarded as private property. Therefore, a small token fee is charged for travellers to enter and stay on the beach. When in Rome, do as Romans do.

With one exception, all the beaches are located on Upolu. Savai’i is legit amazing, though. In local reference, it is often called the ‘real Samoa’. But enough vacillations and disclaimers. Let’s jump in!

Manase Beach

Location: Next to the Manase Village, on the North Coast

Proximity to: Stevensons’ at Manase

That’s the picture you clicked on, remember? A very pretty beach where often, though there are days when travellers will find a little more cloistering than usual for Samoan beaches. Nevertheless, it’s a picturesque golden sand beach with plenty of cheap restaurants and fales dotting the area for easy convenience. It’s very close from the Stevensons’ at Manase Resort and the Le Lagoto Resort.

Lalomanu Beach

Fale on the Lalomanu Beach in Samoa
The Lalomanu Beach in Samoa: Isn’t it just dreamy?

Location: Next to the Lalomanu Village

Proximity to: Litia Sini Beach Resort

Visitors to the Litia Sini Beach Resort will find an Instagram-worthy white sand beach near the Lalomanu village. Stretching over a fair distance, this beauty of a beach is embellished by limestone outcroppings and small islands dotting the crystal-clear waters of the sea.

Tafatafa Beach

Location: Near the Poutasi Village

Proximity to: Sinalei Beach Resort

Sitting midway between the Saletoga Sands Resort and the Sinalei Beach Resort, the Tafatafa Beach is an adventure haven. With its soft white sand beach, Tafatafa is a great option for surf breaks, kayaking, paragliding, and snorkelling. From each of the resorts, the beach is just under a half-an-hour drive.

Salamumu Beach

Location: Near the Salamumu Village

Proximity to: Sa’moana Beach Bungalows

The Salamumu Beach is one of Upolu’s classic ‘beach-in-paradise’, Instagram-worthy places. A mix of white sand and black volcanic rock, it is generally advised to wear flip-flops or reef shoes to avoid the odd spiky, jagged rock. But beyond the rocks lining the beach are magnificent coral reefs and marine colonies, full of colourful reef fishes. Travellers can rent fins and snorkels near the shops lining the beach. Apart from snorkelling, the deep waters off the beach are great for fishing, too.

Matareva Beach

Location: Near the Salamumu Village

Proximity to: Return to Paradise Resort

The Matareva Beach is one of the more popular beaches in Samoa. Blessed with white sand stretches, fales and bars within easy walking distance and close to a lot of resorts and hotels on the island, it’s hard not to see its charms. Great for snorkelling, swimming and kayaking, it’s a perennial favourite for families and silver travellers.

Vavau Beach

Location: Near the Lotofago Village

Proximity to: Seabreeze Resort

This was popular before the massive tsunami of 2009, and even more after – Vavau Beach and its glassy green waters are a drone operator’s delight. Also, for watersports, chilling out, romantic walks – pretty much anything and everything one can slot a beach for. It does suffer mildly from overcrowding, but it does not require an Excel sheet to plan a fun day at the Vavau beach.

Return to Paradise Beach

A drone shot of the Return to Paradise beach.

Proximity to: Return to Paradise Resort

Probably Samoa’s most recognized beach named after the eponymous Hollywood movie in 1953 (starred the studly Gary Cooper and the lovely Roberta Haynes, big thing back in the day, etc.), this stretch of sandy loveliness can be best enjoyed staying at the … wait for it, Return to Paradise Resort. The resort is locally-owned and operated, so the beach and its history is ready at the drop of a hat for interested travellers.

Aganoa Beach

Location: Near the east cost of Savai’i

Proximity to: Near the Maota Airport

The Aganoa beach is renowned for many things, but the main claims to fame are its nice surf breaks and its black sand beach. A deep crescent of a beach, it’s very good for snorkelling, relaxing in the peace and quiet of Savai’i and kayaking. The black sand stretches are not uniform, but it’s beautiful sight, nevertheless.

There you have it – a ready reckoner list of Samoa’s beaches. Of course these are only a mix of the most popular and some hidden gems, there are plenty more beaches and coves that are perfect for families’ day out, a romantic escape for lovers or the one launchpad for kite-surfing and surfing. You found a new one? Ping us on social media with a picture and we’ll add it to the list!

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