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Listen to Ecotrax Fiji: Cycling Tours with a twist!

The hottest day-tour in Fiji consists of bicycles, battery power, an abandoned tram-track and a deserted beach! Ecotrax Fiji is a concept day-tour for those travellers who want to experience an off-beat Fijian slice-of-life.

Developed by a Kiwi couple, the Ecotrax Fiji tour is set in Coral Coast’s century-old Sugar Loco Shed at Cuvu. The shed was used to be a hub for trains transporting cart-loads of sugarcane to the mills in Lautoka. Now, travellers will get on powered velocipedes, strap on helmets and trundle down kilometres of forests, cross bridges over rivers, pass villages and visit a desolate golden-sand beach in the end.

Ecotrax Fiji
The inventor of EcoTrax with one of the electric velocipedes!

Ecotrax’s velocipede is a platform connecting two bicycles, hooked up to an eco-friendly car battery to power the contraption. So, when passengers want to admire the countryside or not to pedal, just push the button and power on!

Ecotrax Highlights

  • 11.8 kilometres of pristine Fijian countryside
  • Tour passes through jungles, mangroves, coastline and across rivers
  • Cycle past traditional Fijian villages
  • Pedal or power – your choice
  • Trip halts at the beautiful deserted beach of Vunabua
  • Swim, snorkel or relax
  • Light refreshment of fresh coconut water and tropical fruits
  • Eco-friendly and relaxing
  • 55 minutes away from Nadi and Denarau along the Coral Coast

The Tour

Ecotrax Fiji
Ride across abandoned train yards, beaches, river and more!

The abandoned tram track cuts across lush jungles, verdant countryside and coast line to the travellers. Passing herdsmen and children will often bellow a hearty ‘bula’ as travellers rattle by. The clickety-clack of the velocipede’s wheels over the rails become quite soothing after a while. The tracks end at a silky golden sand beach after 11 kilometres or so. Here, air sofas and a refreshment stand are ready for the travellers. The tour includes light refreshments of fresh coconut water and freshly-sliced tropical fruit. The Vunabua beach and the crystal-clear waters are perfect for snorkelling, too. After an hour, it’s back to the loco shed!

The three-hour EcoTrax Fiji tour is safe and comfortable for all age-groups. Then, the tour includes a pre-ride safety briefing and do’s and don’ts while on the ride. There is no minimum fitness requirement as the battery-powered bikes need light pedalling at most.

Talk to our South Pacific Specialists to know more about Ecotrax Fiji’s tour options, detailed itinerary and booking options. Hint: Book in advance as it’s quite the rage now in Fiji!

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