Pentecost, Vanuatu – The Mother of Bungee-Jumping!

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Listen to Pentecost, Vanuatu – The Mother of Bungee-Jumping!

Welcome to Pentecost – the island of Naghol Land Diving and forerunners of commercial bungee jumping. Besides this fascinating event, the island has excellent crystal-clear waters, dense jungles, remote tribes with ancient traditions and rituals, volcanic beaches and so much more in store!

About Pentecost Island

The Pentecost Island in Vanuatu is a tropical wonderland – where underground cave-pools, bright white sandy beaches, forest-covered mountains and small villages give a feeling of being transported back 500 years. Scuba-diving and snorkelling in its crystal-clear waters is a pleasure to be indulged in at every available opportunity.

But what Pentecost is world-famous for is its Naghol land-diving. It is said to be the spiritual birthplace of one of the most extreme adventure sports in the world, bungee jumping. Youths build a bamboo tower often stretching up to 100 feet in the air, then dive down to the ground with feet tied to a tower by forest vines from the lush rainforest. The annual event takes place to ask for blessings for a prodigious yam harvest as well as to prove the young men’s virility. For a primitive tribal festival/ ritual, there are months of hard work and knowledge passed down for generations to ensure safety of the participants. At the very least, it is a jaw-dropping, once-in-a-lifetime spectacle. A leap of faith from a giant, jungle swing with no insurance behind it, so as to say.

Things to Do in Pentecost Island

Naghol Land diving in Pentecost
Naghol Land diving in Pentecost

Besides attending the land-diving ceremony/festival, visitors can go for swimming and snorkelling in the island’s crystal-clear waters and underground cave-pools. Then, kayaking, along with hiking the island’s forest trails and lush rainforests is a treat for any nature lover. All this can be achieved in a day’s tour, but spending a few days absorbing Pentecost’s wild beauty is always worthwhile.

Best Time To Visit Pentecost Island

Occurring from April to June as a protected event, visitors need permission from the local government to see this death-defying showmanship. For arranging a visit to the jumping site and the land-diving festival during your Vanuatu holiday, just fill it out on the Enquiry Form or drop a line to our friendly South Pacific Specialist at 1300 991 751!

Pristine nature in Pentecost
Pristine nature in Pentecost

Hotels in Pentecost

There are no posh hotels or resorts in Pentecost, but its select homestays and traditional village bungalows provide comfortable overnight lodging. At any time, if you feel like talking to our South Pacific Specialists for advice and booking reservations, just pick up the phone and call on 1300 991 751! For travellers looking for great holiday deals to experience the island nation at its best, why not look at our all-inclusive Vanuatu holiday deals or our signature Vanuatu Hot Deals?

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