VOMO Fiji COVID-19 Update: All set to welcome travellers!

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The resort has announced that it has mandated that only double-vaccinated travellers will permitted on the island. Additionally, all the resort’s staff have been fully vaccinated. Therefore, holidaymakers can be assured that there will only be vaccinated people in and around the resort.

COVID-19 Testing on VOMO Fiji

Yes, the resort management has gone above and beyond to ensure there are testing facilities on hand. The permanent doctor on station is fully trained to administer COVID-19 RT-PCR tests. The collected samples are sent to Nadi or Suva on the Fijian mainland to be analysed, as the government has mandated. How soon will the results be available? The official clock fixes a 36-hour turnaround, but it’s usually 6-8 hours in real-time.

What about Rapid Antigen Tests on VOMO Fiji?

Yes, absolutely! It’s a rule that travellers have to be tested for COVID-19 within 48 hours of landing in Fiji. So, VOMO Fiji has equipped itself with Rapid Antigen kits for hassle-free testing. Travellers need a Rapid Antigen Test on the return leg of the holiday can also be tested on the island conveniently.

What if travellers are tested COVID-positive on VOMO Fiji?

Not to worry. The resort has a permanent GP stationed on the island, ready and prepared. Travellers even have a choice to stay on the island in one of the secluded villas or move to the mainland for hospital-based care. The latter will be subject to local regulations, but the resort will work tirelessly to accommodate travellers’ wishes.

COVID Washing hands
Washing hands in the times of COVID – the best defence!

What if travellers test positive before the holiday and cannot travel to Fiji?

VOMO continues to have a COVID guarantee against border closures, subject to clauses. In case of travellers testing positive and being restricted from travel, our South Pacific Specialists will help defer your travel to a more convenient date; or help with your paperwork filing for travel insurance claim.

Will travel insurance cover COVID emergencies?

As of this moment, the Fijian government has made it mandatory that all travel to Fiji should have travel insurance which includes COVID coverage. You can check with Tourism Fiji about which insurers do, and book accordingly.

Will the 2-day isolation cut into my fun times?

The rule is there just to protect the very few villages in isolated regions which have not been fully vaccinated. Because VOMO Fiji is a private island, there is a fun escape clause here. Well, sort of. VOMO Fiji does not have a village on the island, and therefore… you can pretty much enjoy your Fiji holiday exploring around like normal. Everyone on the island is double-jabbed, so it’s all good.

The resort does have an off-site village tour, so just save it for after the second day, is all. There you go, you’re all covered with VOMO Fiji’s latest guidelines. We’ll keep on updating you as the resort announces, but we’re so happy to see happy Fiji holidays come back. #NewNormal. Check out our other blogs on Fiji, and those on COVID-related updates – our South Pacific Specialists are always working on something good!

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