Guide to Offbeat Romance in Solomon Islands, South Pacific style!

Listen to Guide to Offbeat Romance in Solomon Islands, South Pacific style!

Welcome, adventurer. So, you want to twang at the old heartstrings with off-the-beaten-path destinations. Most excellent – let us help you on a quest to build a holiday with your partner full of romance in Solomon Islands. The Solomons Islands were remote… before air travel. Now, they’re just a direct flight away from Australia, Fiji, and other countries. But before you think this destination is no longer ‘pristine’ because of above, check this out. Total visitors to this island nation never crossed the high five figures. Or the mid five figures. Not just for COVID lockdowns, but in the last 10 years. So yes, the pristine factor is very much there. Onwards, then.

Solomon Islands as a romantic destination?

Well, you did pick offbeat. Now, as crystal-clear disclaimers go, if your idea of a romantic holiday includes degustation soirees, champagne breakfasts, caviar entrees with high tea, and chai lattes – then let’s go with Fiji. But if your romantic getaway is easy-going, with less dependence on a hotel’s star rating and more on ambience, nature, and adventure – you’re going to be very happy with your choice.

Solomon Islands has a lot to offer when it comes to scenic beauty, above ground as well as underwater. Peace and quiet, along with privacy, is extremely hard to match – the people are very easy-going and friendly but finding an empty beach for yourself is very easy, too. 

Romance in Solomon Islands – Stays and accommodations

As we stated before, star rating isn’t this country’s forte. From the capital Honiara to outer islands like Gizo, Western Provinces and Guadalcanal, there are plenty of hotels, motels, and resorts. You can check them out in our destination section. What these places offer are modern rooms, suites, and huge bungalows with all modern conveniences and amenities, proximity to beaches, mountains, forests, and epic picnic spots. For example, the Sanbis Resort in Gizo offers travellers an epic setting in their Lodge. Set on an outstretched sandspit, the huge bungalow offers 300° of views – from the massive deck, you can see both sunrise and sunset. It’s big enough to host a family plus change, but who’s to say that a couple can’t. 

Then, there’s Tavanipupu. When we said travellers shouldn’t look for star rating, we weren’t entirely correct. The Tavanipupu Island Resort is more than a five-star resort, it’s a gem that doesn’t have to compete with brands. Set around an hour’s flight and boat ride away from Honiara, this private island resort offers barefoot luxury like no one else. Remote and very beautiful, Tavanipupu is a large island ringed with white sand beaches, palm trees and surrounded by crystal-clear, glassy blue waters. When you want to disconnect from the world and get some ‘you time’, this is the place. With kilometres of ocean all around, WiFi, network signals, or even paparazzi will find it difficult to find you! Oh, speaking of paps, this resort includes hosting Prince William and Princess Kate – and the resort doesn’t even make a big deal about it. 

Enjoying a glass of white wine on a your villa's deck in Solomon Islands.
You deserve that pampering on your holiday – and Solomon Islands deliver. Credit: David Kirkland

Or check out the Fatboys Resort – their restaurant is seriously good and the waters around the island hold days and weeks of sublime pleasure for the international diver. 

But Solomon Islands does have several motels, hotels and lodges on the mainland which are affordable, neat and clean. Just don’t expect 1 GBPS WiFi and 1,000-threadcount Egyptian cotton sheets and you’ll be all right. On the plus side, the seafood will be fresh, tasty and will totally ruin your expectations back home. Win some, lose some.

Activities for 2 – Solomon Islands Edition

Snorkelling, scuba-diving and any and all watersports

Solomon Islands’ crystal clear waters lend to watersports of all kinds. Whether you want to scuba-dive with World War II era military hardware turned fish-hotels, snorkel amongst fishes in brilliant soft coral banks, or explore wrecks, you’re good all the way. 

Snorkel and laze at the Mbonege Beach

This particular beach is not free admittance – it’s a part of a village and there are a fair few entry charges. But once paid, the beach is silky white sand, the waters are electric-blue and transparent, and just a short swim away is a wreck that travellers can snorkel to their heart’s content. 

Chill out and live on island time. Credit: David Kirkland

Check out the WWII relics

Admittedly, they’re not the most sought-after activity on a romantic holiday. But it’s hard to avoid them, they’re kind of cool and carry a lot of historical weight and nuance. And you did ask for an off-beat destination, so why not. You can skip Skull Island, though Vonavona Lagoon is pretty. 

Need to find romance in Solomon Islands – Get off the mainland!

Honiara is not the biggest island there is, by a far stretch. You can be totally be done with Honiara in like 20 minutes of dedicated exploration and an energy drink. But the country has 999 islands, big and small, just begging to be discovered. And not exploring the islands, the watersports, beaches and food is wasting 80% of your holiday. Or 90. OK, we’ll settle at 92%.

You’re a celebrity, soak it in

There will be often times where you’ll be the only tourist couple for miles around. Or even on the island. So, get used to the gawking and some friendly, incurious questioning. Experienced travellers will be taken aback when cabbies and hotel staff don’t recommend tours and places to visit. It’s just how Solomon Islands is – relaxed and one-speed. Just go with the flow and you’ll find romance in Solomon Islands. 

Check out our other blogs on Solomon Islands, and the season’s freshest, hottest Solomon Islands holiday deals – the latter’s updated on a weekly basis and our South Pacific Specialists can make Solomon Islands holiday packages as bespoke as you want. Any of the resort links above will take you to our property pages for the resorts, where you can create your own holiday with stays, flights, transfers and tours. If you need help, advice or just friendly travel advice, feel free to call us up at 1300 991 751.

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