Edgewater Lake Wānaka: Pioneering Environmental Sustainability in New Zealand

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Listen to Edgewater Lake Wānaka: Pioneering Environmental Sustainability in New Zealand

Set amidst the stunning natural beauty of Wanaka, the Edgewater Wānaka is not just a haven for relaxation and adventure, but also a leader in environmental sustainability. Embarking on a continuous journey of ecological responsibility, the hotel has integrated several initiatives that highlight its commitment to both the environment and the community.

Embracing Sustainability, One Step at a Time

The resort’s executive chef, Chris, has crafted a special dessert to support the ‘Love Wānaka Community Fund’. Each purchase of this dessert contributes NZ$2 to the fund, blending culinary delight with community care. Similarly, for every Edgewater Pale Ale sold, NZ$1 goes to this cause, ensuring that every sip also supports sustainability.

For those seeking adventure with a gentle touch on the environment, Edgewater offers a plethora of eco-friendly activities. From mountain biking to tennis and minigolf, the resort ensures that your leisure pursuits are in harmony with nature. Guests can also access the serene Wānaka Millennium Walkway directly from the resort grounds.

In a bold move, Edgewater Lake Wānaka has joined the Single Use Cup (SUC) free movement. Eschewing single-use cups and takeaway packaging in its restaurant, the resort offers ‘Be Chunky’ loan cups for a refundable deposit. This initiative is a testament to Edgewater’s dedication to minimising waste and promoting sustainability.

Then, pride shines through as Edgewater Lake Wānaka has achieved Toitū carbon reduce certification. This recognition underscores the resort’s serious commitment to reducing carbon emissions and making a positive impact on our planet, now in its second year of this important journey.

Edgewater Wanaka: A Spectrum of Sustainable Practices

At the heart of Edgewater’s sustainability ethos is a deep-seated respect for local produce and suppliers. The resort regularly updates its menu, showcasing not only the freshest seasonal ingredients, but also supporting the local ecosystem of sustainable suppliers. This approach elevates the dining experience and reduces the carbon footprint associated with food transportation.

Further enhancing its green initiatives, Edgewater Lake Wānaka has revamped its recycling facilities, making it easier and more efficient for guests and staff to participate in waste reduction. This step is a critical component of the resort’s overarching strategy to minimize its environmental impact.

The hotel has a range of fun, low eco-impact activities for guests.

In a toast to local craftsmanship, the resort proudly offers a selection of local craft beers. By featuring these brews, Edgewater supports local breweries, contributing to the local economy while providing guests with a taste of the region’s finest.

Understanding the importance of sustainable transportation, the Edgewater Hotel Lake Wānaka has installed charging points for electric vehicles (EVs). This amenity encourages the use of green vehicles, aligning with the resort’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.

In each guest room, visitors will find 100% New Zealand-made refillable amenities, a thoughtful choice that speaks to the resort’s dedication to reducing single-use plastics and supporting local businesses.

Lastly, Edgewater Wānaka’s zero-waste food program is a testament to its innovative approach to sustainability. Leftovers and scraps are not wasted but are instead donated to local farms. This initiative not only reduces food waste but also supports local agriculture.

Moreover, in a unique collaboration with the Otago Brew School, the resort has ventured into creating its own Edgewater beers, crafted by local budding brewers, adding a personal touch to its sustainable practices.

Edgewater Wānaka: A Commitment Recognised and Honoured

Giving back to the community, literally – the Edgewater Lake Wanaka.

The Edgewater Lake Wānaka Hotel’s efforts in sustainability have not gone unnoticed. The resort is a proud participant in several unique programmes within the tourism and travel industry. With a gold certification from Qualmark, adherence to the Tiaki Promise, and engagement in the Tourism Industry Aotearoa’s Sustainability Commitment, Edgewater stands as a beacon of environmental stewardship in the hospitality sector. The Edgewater Lake Wānaka Resort exemplifies how tourism and environmental care can coexist beautifully. By prioritising sustainability in every aspect of its operation, the resort not only enhances guest experiences but also contributes meaningfully to the preservation and enrichment of the local community and environment. It is a destination where luxury meets responsibility, creating a truly unforgettable and guilt-free getaway for eco-conscious travellers.

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