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Getting ready for when Australia, New Zealand and the world will start visiting Fiji’s fair shores, four of the biggest and most recognised resorts in Fiji have stepped forward to highlight their COVID preparation regimen. The Warwick Fiji, the Naviti Resort, the Tokatoka Resort in Nadi and the Tambua Sands Beach Resort have published a common COVID pledge. It affirms the list of precautions and measures the staff will keep as daily drivers to keep guests and themselves safe from COVID infections. In a nutshell, the hospitality chain will have

  • A COVID-19 Action Plan that outlines the resort chain’s commitment to implementing health and safety practices to minimise the risks associated with COVID-19 for the staff and guests’ wellbeing.
  • Secondly, training the staff across all four resorts in understanding risks associated with COVID-19 and how to implement the new procedures outlined in the Action Plan.
Tokatoka Resort Nadi Fiji
The Tokatoka Resort Fiji – all ready for international travellers.

The COVID- 19 Action Plan outlines how Warwick Hotels implement its new safety processes and procedures aligning with Fiji Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Transport and Tourism’s guidelines as a minimum standard. It includes:

  • Maintaining physical distancing of 2 metres
  • Appropriate use of face covering
  • Screening and management of persons with symptoms
  • Ensuring personal hygiene at all times
  • Enhancing surface sanitisation
  • Maintain contact tracing information and use of the careFIJI app

The Warwick Hotels have also taken on the responsibility of ensuring

  • The staff are provided with the appropriate training to understand the new standards being put in place, in addition to the equipment and information that they need to carry out their duties safely.
  • Guests are provided with the information and appropriate equipment to ensure that they are able to adhere to safety protocols
  • Confidentiality when dealing with staff and guest information for contact tracing purposes
  • Complying with all recommended health and safety guidance for the management of COVID-19 risks
Whether it is the Warwick Fiji, Naviti Resort, Tokatoka Resort or Tambua Sands; the COVID safety preparation and precautions remain consistent with Warwick Hotels.

Check out more details on the Warwick Fiji, the Naviti Resort, the Tokatoka Resort in Nadi and the Tambua Sands Beach Resort – the links will take you to the resort pages. For the uninformed, the Naviti is one of Fiji’s oldest resorts and an all-inclusive star, the Tokatoka Resort is set next to the airport and is great for travellers jetting off to other islands, Tambua Sands is an adults-only getaway, and the Warwick Fiji is the deluxe luxury resort for experiential travellers. While we were/are sitting at home twiddling our thumbs and getting bored, they have refurbished, renovated and made everything brand-spanking new. You can also check out what other resorts in South Pacific are doing in terms of COVID preparation, other blogs on Fiji and more. And as always, travel safe and responsibly!

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