Ready? The Fiji Spartan Trifecta is coming to town!

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Listen to Ready? The Fiji Spartan Trifecta is coming to town!

The world-spanning Spartan Race is coming to Fiji this November! Open to fitness enthusiasts and professionals the world over, the Fiji Spartan Trifecta Week will offer runners and racers a range of extreme wellness challenges. The Spartan Fiji race will be held at the Aviva Racecourse (also known as the Sabeto Racetrack) near Nadi. The Trifecta Week will host events like the Fiji Sprint, Fiji Super, Fiji Beast and Fiji Ultra 2023. Other events will be the Fiji Kids Race 2023, Fiji Trail Run 2023, which will be a 10K night run, and a gruelling four-hour Fiji Hurricane Heat!

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Spartans finishing an obstacle – they’re really gruelling!

What’s the Fiji Spartan Race? Is it like the ‘300’ movie?

The Fiji Sprint 2023 is the beginners’ 5,000 metre trail run for aspiring Spartans, with a mix of classic and off-road obstacles. With 20 obstacles ranging from A-frame cargo, Hercules Hoist, Z-Wall Rolling, Monkey Bars, Mud Rolling and others, the Sabeto track will prove a competitive testing ground for newbie Spartans. The Fiji Super 2023 will consist of 10K trail running with 25 obstacles, making it even more of a challenge. With obstacles like the Helix, Olympus, Stairway to Sparta, Beater, Rope Climb and more, Spartans will be subjected to altitude elevation as a running condition!

Moving on, the Fiji Beast 2023 will be where spectators will get to see Spartan veterans and hardcore fitness enthusiasts in their element. The Beast is a 21K trail run, dotted with 30 obstacles – challenging Spartans’ strength, grit, skill and mental fortitude. Featuring obstacles like the Tyrolean Traverse, the Ape Hanger, the Armer, the 8’ Wall and more, the Beast is a formidable test of participants’ strength, commitment and agility. And finally, for the coup de grace, the Fiji Ultra 2023 will feature the Spartan Race’s gruelling 50K trail run with steep elevation ascents, and a mix of 60 obstacles like The Box, Farmers’ Carry, Double Sandbag Carry, vertical Cargo Plus and more. The race will see veterans as well as new faces to the event.

Fiji Spartan Trifecta Week: Nadi Getaways, Fiji Flights & Bookings

To be held from November 9-12, the Fiji Spartan Trifecta Week will be held on the Fijian mainland of Viti Levu, near Nadi. Check out our Fiji deals – our South Pacific Specialists are ready to tailor bespoke itineraries which will sync with your Fiji Spartan competition. Also, if you’re signing up for the Fiji Spartan with your training group or mates, reach out to us. We’ll make sure you get group rates, fresh discounted flights with Fiji Spartan Trifecta Week’s official travel partner Fiji Airways, and even spa sessions before and after your heats! Or maybe check out Fiji’s remote Outer Islands for a few nights afterwards – our South Pacific Specialists are waiting for your call at 1300 991 751!

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