Raffe Hotels & Resorts promises Savasava Hygiene for all travellers!

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Listen to Raffe Hotels & Resorts promises Savasava Hygiene for all travellers!

Putting its best foot forward, the Raffe Hotels & Resorts has unveiled a range of health and safety measures which it is calling the Savasava Hygiene Promise. What is that? Why is it important for Fiji holiday-makers – read on and know why it is so!

Under the umbrella of Raffe hotels are some of the most well-known resorts and hotels in Fiji. For travellers’ consideration, it includes names such as Fiji’s family favourite Plantation Islands Resort, the adults-only haven Lomani Island Resort and the pocket-friendly Fiji Gateway Hotel. Why Savasava (and what does it even mean?)? Because ‘sava-savaa’ translates to ‘clean’ in Fijian! That’s why the hospitality group has worked with the world-renowned Ecolab and came up with a health and hygiene programme that includes 5 clusters of action-points. Raffe Hotels’ COVID preparations would include:

Lomani Island Resort’s beautiful white sand beaches await travellers – and social distancing? Do you see any problem?

Hygiene and handwashing

The resorts’ Savasava Champions will disinfect all high-touch items like doorknobs, tables, chairs, and handrails consistently and frequently. This is important for all the right reasons and needs no further justification. Then, hand sanitation stations are distributed throughout the resorts, particularly in dining and other high-traffic areas. Wherever you feel that you’ve touched a door handle that is on the public ‘hot zones’, you will find a hand-sanitiser dispenser nearby!

Physical Distancing

The hotel chain now actively encourages social and physical distancing across all its properties. It has deliberately reduced overall capacity in public spaces by increasing distance between furniture settings and changing procedures for managing queues in resorts. Now, seating would be done in terms of families and small groups together. Restaurants have new dining options to eliminate self-service buffet – lesser contact, more safety.

Employee Wellness

Every employee will have a temperature and wellness check prior to starting work. The resort will be providing PPE to employees based on WHO’s and Fiji Ministry of Health’s guidelines. Because no one can be too careful. This is looking out for all people – guests and staff alike. 

Cleaning & Disinfection

All resorts and hotels are implementing Raffe’s Savasava COVID safety precautions and preparations.

Raffe Hotels Fiji will use Ecolab-approved cleaning products which reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses. If you haven’t heard the name being bandied about already, Ecolab is one of the pioneers of safety and automation that has been working against COVID-19; it has made giant strides in coming up with disinfectants and cleaning material that are aimed specifically against viruses and COVID-19 in particular. Then, whenever possible, rooms & bures will be left vacant for a minimum of 24 hours between guests, after completing enhanced cleaning and disinfecting.

Training & Operations

All staff has completed training on its upgraded hygiene, safety, and sanitation procedures. In fact, there are designated Savasava Champions under Raffe Hotels COVID preparation programme who will lead the efforts to meet the Savasava Hygiene Promise.

And finally, all properties will have documented procedures on how to handle any guest illnesses that may arise, including isolation and/or safe evacuation for any significant incidents. No one can be too careful and it’s better to have plans of actions drawn up for when cases are found. Therefore, it’s better to be forewarned and be the man with a plan!

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Yes, Raffe takes its Savasava Hygiene Promise seriously for your safety!

Let’s be blunt, we’ve no news that has said that COVID-19 will filter out and life will get back to normal as we know it. Therefore, under Raffe’s COVID precautions and Savasava Hygiene Promise, all the resorts and hotels assure guests that their cleaning techniques have evolved to match the ‘new normal’ societal expectations. And we appreciate the candour, we do. Secondly, the hospitality giant has implemented clear and simple procedures throughout all Raffe properties to keep travellers safe. Thirdly, all its staff across hotels and resorts are been trained to ensure high standards of sanitation and overall guest safety.

So, when you as a traveller book a holiday package with us at Plantation Island Resort, Fiji Gateway Hotel or the lovely Lomani Island Resort – relax knowing that your hosts take your health and safety most seriously. All they (and we!) want is for you to have a happy, safe and healthy holiday in Fiji!

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