Donu – Authentic Omakase and Tapas Gourmet Experiences at Paradise Cove Resort, Fiji!

Listen to Donu – Authentic Omakase and Tapas Gourmet Experiences at Paradise Cove Resort, Fiji!

Paradise Cove Resort Fiji had some thrilling news to share – they’ve a fantastic new fine dining Japanese restaurant in-house!  Introducing Donu, a Japanese Dining Experience, and it’s an event you won’t want to miss!

Donu is conveniently located in the poolside area, and the resort has gone to great lengths to create a gem that offers an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Due to its booking volume, we recommend you ask… no, demand your Hideaway Holidays’ consultant to pre-book your dinner reservations with your Fiji holiday at Paradise Cove Resort. At Donu, guests are seated around an outdoor kitchen where they can watch the chefs work their magic. The Omakase’s small plate experience has been inspired by Michelin-starred restaurants around the globe, featuring top-tier ingredients like A5 Wagyu, Uni, Caviar, and the freshest seafood from Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and of course – Fiji!

Staff at a Fijian restaurant
The trained team that will wow you at your live-service omakase experience.

This fusion of local Fijian and exclusive international ingredients offers a unique culinary journey. Your meal is envisioned and prepared by Paradise Cove’s talented chefs, from the day’s catch. Our intimate outdoor dining area lets you watch the chefs prepare your tasting menu, which includes a mix of raw and cooked seafood, salads, sashimi, nigiri, tempura, yakitori, noodles, and Fijian-inspired dishes. For an extra special treat, you can also indulge in premium dishes like A5 wagyu, lobster, caviar, uni, and a variety of seafood from Fiji and beyond. The entire menu is also available with gluten-free as an option so that everyone can dig in!

Just sit back and enjoy the process with an ice-cold Japanese beer, saké, or any one of the resort’s signature Japan-inspired cocktails. As your gourmet experience unfolds before you, your family and friends, realise that life is good right now.

Lunch: Spanish Tapas to the Fore!

Lunch is served from an inspired Spanish-style tapas menu. Based on your meal plan, adults can choose three plates per guest and two plates per child aged between five and 12.  It’s best to order a variety of Tapa plates and share among everyone. Still hungry? Additional, and plentiful plates of tapas are available at a nominal price – and served just as fast!

Lobster, and does that look scrumptious!

Authentic Omakase Experience on Your Fiji Holiday? Now, That’s A Story To Tell!

Seating at Donu is limited, so we suggest booking in advance to secure your front-row seat to this culinary spectacle. Book your stay at Paradise Cove with Hideaway Holidays and secure your table at Donu today. We can’t wait to book you to this amazing dining adventure at Paradise Cove Resort. You can check out our page on the Paradise Cove Resort – where you can see more information about the property, pictures, accommodation choices at the Paradise Cove Resort, activities and things to do and more!

Check out other blogs on Fiji, the season’s freshest Fiji holiday deals; to know more about Donu and the Paradise Cove Resort – call us direct at 1300 991 751!

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