Ditching The Tourist Trail: Find Fiji at Nanuku Resort, Pacific Harbour’s Gem!

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Listen to Ditching The Tourist Trail: Find Fiji at Nanuku Resort, Pacific Harbour’s Gem!

Set along Fiji’s action-packed Pacific Harbour, the Nanuku Fiji is a boutique super-luxe resort with large villas spread over 500 acres of plantation land. Besides having tons of activities both in and around the resort, there are a few mind-blowing experiences that Nanuku Fiji excels at arranging. We’re going to do a series of blogs which will outline all you can do here, so keep following. Here goes!

Taking a Boat Tour up the Navua River; & Tube It Down!

The Navua River cuts a striking emerald swatch up the mainland, a ribbon winding through Fiji’s lush jungles. You board a traditional wooden longboat for a relaxing ride upstream. Get the cameras out as you float through deep gorges, their towering walls scored and carved through by cascading waterfalls. Birders will love the calls of tropical birds echoing through the rainforests.

Refreshments are served while guests can cool their feet in a crystal-clear pool, fed by a cascading waterfall. As the longboat continues its journey, there are occasional rapids along the way, too – it’s not all an idyllic float. Remote farms and villages dot the riverbanks, offering glimpses into life as it has been for a thousand years and more. Once you’ve reached the upstream bank, there’s another, much fun way back – tyre tube! Lay down on inflated tyre tubes and literally float your way back to the starting point! How insanely cool is that – don’t answer, we know it. But don’t get sold just yet!

Floating your way downstream, surrounded by lush jungles – but that could be just your Monday.

Beqa Lagoon: Snorkel and Dive Your Way To Amazement!

Fiji has often been hailed as the ‘soft coral capital of the world’, and Nanuku Fiji is close to Beqa Lagoon – which is where the title is most apparent. Sign up for snorkelling and scuba-diving tours, where a kaleidoscope of living colours greets you. Swim amongst soft corals in every imaginable hue – from bright purple and vivid orange to mellow olive green! The visibility is stellar, and the claimed 100 feet is not all that impossible to witness over a few days of diving.

You’ll find manta rays gracefully gliding past you, while super-chill hawksbill turtles mosey through the coral gardens. Schools of tropical fish dart playfully around you, their iridescent scales shimmering in the sunlight. Snorkelling or diving in Beqa Lagoon is a singular experience, indeed.

Snorkelling in Fiji’s Pacific Harbour.

Private Island Picnics: Now, That’s A Way To Spend A Day!

The Nanuku Resort Fiji also offers on tap a private island escape. Seriously, a pristine white-sand beach shaded by palm trees, surrounded by all sides by a turquoise lagoon teeming with marine life. The resort staff will pack you a champagne picnic hamper and drop you off on the island. Snack away, go explore the network of sandy trails leading to hidden corners of the island, and relax and enjoy the views. Or relax in a hammock – it’s your day, and only you get to decide how much (or how little!) to do.

Drone view of Nanuku Resort, Fiji – 500 acres of just peace, quiet and you.

Learn Some Authentic Fijian Culture & Cuisine

The Nanuku Fiji offers plenty of opportunities for first-time visitors and repeat travellers to learn about Fijian culture, cuisine and way of life. Take part in a centuries-old social custom – a kava ceremony. Learn about the significance of this mildly intoxicating drink, its very entwined role in Fijian society, and the proper etiquette for partaking in the ceremony. Want to know more? Read our blog on Kava – Everything You Need to Know About South Pacific’s Alco-Bev!

Besides the above, you can always ask the activities desk to lend you snorkels, flippers, kayaks and other equipment so you can explore the coastline by yourself. The waters are warm, clear and the days will simply flit by. And besides snorkelling and scuba-diving, there are score and more tour operators in Pacific Harbour who can sign you up for fishing charters, lend you lines, rods, tackle, lures, and a chiller full of ice-cold stubbies to support you while you try your luck with a mahi mahi or a wahoo. Ah, perfection of a day indeed.

Check out our other blogs on Fiji, our page on the lovely Nanuku Fiji, or our Fiji Hot Deals! Our signature Fiji holidays for the latest in island holiday packages – or call our Specialists direct at 1300 991 751!

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