10 Reasons to Pick Castaway Island Resort, Fiji!

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Listen to 10 Reasons to Pick Castaway Island Resort, Fiji!

In the multitude of Fiji’s beautiful resorts, we highlight some of the gems that are absolute winners. This week, it’s Castaway Island Resort and 10 simple reasons why it is one of the most-picked Fijian holiday resorts.

1. Great selfie-worthy location and visuals

Drone shot of Castaway Fiji
Drone shot of the Castaway Island Resort

As island resorts go, the Castaway Island Resort spreads over 174 acres of pristine woodlands and sugary white sand beaches, surrounded by the limpid blue of the Pacific Ocean. As travellers land at Fiji’s International Airport, the Castaway Island Resort is not on the mainland, but it’s not very far away either. Travelers can choose to take a speedboat ride, a seaplane or an exciting chopper ride to the island. Reaching the island itself is an exciting prelude to the adventure that is your holiday! As you zip over crystal-clear waters of the ocean, slaloming between the beautiful islets of the Mamanucas… well, it’s very thrilling, to be honest. 

And then the resort, and the island itself, are beautiful beyond words. There are plenty of Instagram-worthy moments – whether it is lying on the beach with a cocktail in hand, snorkelling with the fishes, or paddling along and exploring the coral reefs surrounding the island.

2. Just 65 luxurious bures

Beach Bures in Fiji
The Beach Bures at the resort

The resort’s bungalows (or ‘bures’ as they call it) offers travellers all modern conveniences while melding traditional Fijian influences like high-vaulted roofs, handmade tapa-cloth roof décor, rattan and timber furnishings and so on. All the accommodations at the Castaway Island Resort are soothing to the eye and yet pamper the bejesus out of world-weary travellers.

Guests can choose between four categories of accommodations, ranging from Island Bures, Ocean-View Bures, Beach Bures and Family Beach Bures. Except for the Family Bures, all bungalows feature a combination of king-size beds and single beds, comfortably housing up to four adults. The Family Bures are expansive and can fit up to 10 people – small groups, families or just a mates’ getaway, this is you. The Island Bures are set amidst the resort’s landscaped gardens, but all other units either face the sea or are steps away from the beach. Common amenities include ceiling fans, air conditioning, spacious ensuite bathrooms, balconies with sitting furniture, open plan living space and tea/ coffee making facilities. 

3. Choice of restaurants at Castaway Fiji

Fijian kokoda
Ooh, kokoda in a coconut! Wait, what’s kokoda?

Yes, it’s far from civilisation, but it doesn’t mean travellers have to survive on bread and water. No no, far from it! The Castaway Island Resort offers travellers a choice of four restaurants and distinct cuisines to keep it fresh and memorable. The Nuku Marau is set by the family pool and serves breakfast and lunch – choose from a la carte breakfast, burgers, pizzas and freshly-rolled sushi. Head over to the Sundowner Bar for beer, wood-fired pizza and a great salad bar, while Asian cuisine lovers will find themselves trundling over to Restaurant 1808, featuring Indian, Fijian and Chinese cuisines. Of course, there is Castaway Fiji’s main restaurant, the Water’s Edge which emphasizes on fine dining and creative island cuisines – start your culinary journey here, we say!

4. No tech to distract from fun

Wood carving at Castaway Fiji
Honey, there’s a wood-carving class today!

The much hyped ‘disconnect to reconnect’ is taken to another level here – there are no TVs in any of the bures, no unnecessary tech distractions to take away an iota of the ‘island time’. Most travellers find days and nights melding seamlessly together until – bam, check out! It’s a schedule guests fall in love with quickly – wake up, have power breakfast, go for a hike exploring the island, take a swim, relax with a beer, repeat, go to the bar and round off with a hearty dinner. Rinse and repeat. 

5. Experience barefoot leisure at Castaway Island Resort

Castaway Island Resort jetty
“We’ll go there tomorrow, that tiny island in the sea”.

Except for the fine dining Water’s Edge, there aren’t any places you can’t go barefoot. Ease into barefoot luxury offered at Castaway Fiji – flipflops rule!

6. Help restore reefs (and be a hero!)

As tourism rises, there is a ecological impact felt worldwide. And Fiji is no different. The island nation’s coral reefs are taking a hit like Australia’s; the resort is doing its bit and more to help nurture and maintain the island’s beautiful reefs. Talk to the tour and activities desk and help the team in their efforts to maintain the coral reefs – talk about making a positive impact on the environment and have a rollicking good time together!

7. Sample true Fijian culture

Fijian cultural dance
Don’t just be a spectator, get involved – it’s 10x the fun!

The resort organises regular Fijian cultural events and entertainment. It’s a great way to get to know the country’s thousands of years old culture, history, traditions and legends. We do recommend attending the meke dance performances and signing up for the traditional lovo dinner buffet – it’s a ritual and a feast all rolled up on one.

8. So many activities & experiences

Beach volleyball at Castaway Fiji
You know the resort’s team is seriously good – they play every day!

Another reason behind Castaway Island Resort’s success is the wide array of activities it has to offer for the whole family. From snorkelling and scuba-diving in its crystal-clear waters to nature walks, parasailing, kayaking and barefoot boxing classes – there’s just so much to do in and out of the water. Check out our resort page for more details!

9. 50 years of success

In his ‘Outliers – The Story of Success’, Gladwell expounds that to be truly great at anything, a person must be involved in the said activity for a minimum of a decade. Well, Castaway Island Resort is one of Fiji’s oldest resorts. At 50 years and running, they’ve honed the art of hospitality, entertainment and culinary perfection to benchmark levels. They’ve been felicitated by numerous travel awards, trophies and glowing commendations by global magazines and associations, but it’s just another feather in their cap.

10. Once-in-a-lifetime experience… on demand!

Drinks at bar Castaway Fiji
Come for the views, return for the hospitality – Castaway Fiji credo.

It is a combination of the beauty of the island, excellent accommodation choices, myriad activities and experiences, not to mention the resort’s dedicated staff which makes a holiday at the Castaway Island Resort, Fiji a once-in-a-lifetime experience… which you can book again.

Not to toot our horn, but our South Pacific Specialists are awesome at combining season’s special bonuses, discounted flights, stays and transfers together in one neat holiday deal for Castaway Fiji. If you’re interested, feel free to check out the latest and the greatest in Fiji holiday deals, too – see you in Fiji!

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