Why This Resort Closes Down Its Villas During Fiji’s Best Season?

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Listen to Why This Resort Closes Down Its Villas During Fiji’s Best Season?

Whilst a focus for a lot of resorts and Tourism Boards is to be sustainable and environmentally aware, it takes real commitment to that ethos to make a decision that will protect the environment over your own income. The Matamanoa Island Resort is one such resort. Making the decision to be fully committed to Environmental Tourism, Matamanoa closes off their Beachfront Pool Villas – their very popular and magnificent villas – every year from December to May.

The Matamanoa Island Resort is an intimate and secluded Fijian resort located in the beautiful Mamanuca Islands of Fiji. It is a 4-star deluxe adults-only resort, welcoming guests 16 years of age and older. The resort island boasts a volcanic cone jutting out of the azure waters of this marine sanctuary. Clad with native bush and palm trees, the brilliance of the vegetation contrasts magnificently with the white curved sandy beaches and coral reefs. 

Choosing the Environment over Profits: Matamanoa

You may ask why? Matamanoa Island Resort is just one of two islands where the Nocturnal Storm Petrel migrates to breed. In December, these birds come to breed and train their young until they are ready to depart around mid-May. The birds have chosen the far northern end of the resort – just where the villas are located – as their preferred nesting place. Matamanoa Island Resort ‘feels privileged’ to have been chosen for this very special annual ritual. The birds even help the resort determine the weather for the coming days – as they will come closer into the resort or hide in rock crevices when there is impending inclement weather.

Drone view of the resort’s main pool and the silky white sand beach.

Tell Me More About Matamanoa Fiji!

The chef’s team at Matamanoa Fiji excel themselves everyday!

While the villas are off-line for this short period, the rest of the resort is not to be missed. Geographically spectacular, this adults-only haven will delight visitors year-round. The resort allows travellers complete days of rest or a wide range of leisure activities and cultural excursions. One can swim in the infinity pool and soak up the vista or snorkel in the beautiful Pacific Ocean. The resort has a purpose-built outdoor gym for guests to work out, kayak, or snorkel around the island or challenge their partner to an afternoon game of tennis. Guests can also experience the resort’s spa and opt for a massage with their signature Nama (sea grapes) skincare!

Things to do in and around Matamanoa Island Resort

The resort offers plenty of activities on and around Matamanoa, and all non-motorised activities are complimentary. If guests feel energised, they can explore the underwater world with Deep Blue Diving & Water Sports, the resort’s PADI 5-star dive operator. If guests wish to explore further, they can take a day trip to the nearby sacred island or landowning village.

Dining at Matamanoa Fiji

Matamanoa Island Resort has two restaurants, the Vale Ni Biau and the Baravi Restaurant and Bar. The Vale Ni Biau is the resort’s fine dining restaurant, offering a range of international and Fijian-inspired cuisine. The Baravi Restaurant and Bar is a more casual dining option, serving light meals and snacks throughout the day. The resort also offers a range of dining experiences, such as romantic dinners on the beach and traditional Fijian Lovo feasts.

Matamanoa Island Resort: What a Gem!

A picnic for two? if it’s Matamanoa Fiji – yes, sign us up!

In our book, the resort is truly unique in its commitment to environment and tourism. Matamanoa Island Resort is a must-visit destination for visitors who are looking for a unique and eco-friendly resort experience in Fiji. You can check out our Fiji Hot Deals for the freshest holiday deals of the season for Matamanoa Island Resort. Or, check out our page on the resort, you can stitch your own bespoke holiday package. Pick your rooms or a luxe suite, add on flights, a tour or two and you’re good to go! 

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