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As 2020 turns out to be the worst-ever for tourism in recent history, what can travel agents and B2B partners do to flip the tables and see the sunny side of South Pacific tourism? Read on all the reasons why we have the best infrastructure, agent support and back-up travel agents need, not only to survive, but thrive in 2020-21!

The South Pacific is gearing up to welcome Australia and the world again, but as an industry – are we ready to take on the new travel challenges and opportunities? There will be new restrictions, random COVID health checks, rules and regulations on when and how to fly, go on group tours, stay in hotels and so on. In fact, our roles and travel agents will now include the description of travel ‘facilitators’! What we mean is – travellers will be looking to agents to help them know about travel preparation, health and safety laws, dos and don’ts… it’s not just handing them best-priced flight tickets any more! Who will help people travel again, if not a brave new industry of travel professionals! 

A Little Bit of History…

Hideaway Holidays About Us
We’re South Pacific Specialists, 100% Aussie and proud of it!

Established back in 1977, Hideaway Holidays is a South Pacific Specialist based in Sydney, Australia. Our company has maintained and nurtured strong relationships across resorts, boat charters, hotels and cruise operators in the South Pacific. Hideaway Holidays is an IATA TIDS agency and a partner with Consolidated Travel Australia. 

In December 2015, TravelBiz acquired Hideaway Holidays and its associated brands. TravelBiz is an Australian-owned travel agency based in Sydney, with sister companies in Suva, Fiji trading under the name of Lodhias Travel Services.  By offering popular and bespoke packages across the South Pacific, Hideaway Holidays establishes its edge by seamlessly engaging with partners across their preferred communication channels. Together with TravelBiz, we offer a full range of options across the South Pacific and personalised touch-points that few travel players can match!

What makes Hideaway Holidays a trusted travel partner? 

We have specialised in creating and packaging fantastic South Pacific holidays for over 30 years. How have we managed to do that consistently? With our operating structure, globally-networked enterprises, robust financial backing and of course, an experienced executive management team. As our B2B partner, you will be assured to get the best product diversity, pricing structure and access to the full range of all product types across our region.

Yes, we’ve our AFTA ATAS certification. For travellers (and budding travel agents!), an industry-accredited ATAS travel agent assures peace of mind when it comes to travel. How? Because all ATAS-certified travel agents guarantee expert guidance, destination mastery, value for money, convenience and professionalism when it comes to packaging travel. 

A Fulfilling Multi-Dimensional B2B Universe 

Hideaway Holidays is an Australian company with horizontally- and vertically-integrated businesses across Fiji, USA, NZ and India. As a regional wholesaler for the South Pacific, Hideaway Holidays always has one eye on exploring partnerships with fellow travel operators. We offer competitive nett and commissionable rates to our travel agent partners on a consistent basis, which wins us solid business relationships which last over years. All our consultants are certified Specialists and recognised by the South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) itself.

Our services include branding white-label support to assist agents feature and co-promote South Pacific destinations and our packages. Our philosophy to our partners is rooted in flawless service delivery and at the same time, providing recognised expertise and insight across all elements of the wholesale booking process.

But what does all this mean post COVID?

Post-COVID Travel & Tourism: Multi-Pronged Assurances

As beautiful as this looks, there’s something missing. Travellers. And it’s up to us to put a family on that beach and complete the picture!

Whilst AFTA/ATAS is important to have for some of our B2B partners specifically and for peace of mind… It doesn’t really offer complete protection of your client’s funds (yes, fellow travel agents, don’t we know that)!

So, to combat random external flipflops and situations, we have created an internal financial hedging mechanism to assist the process. For all travel agent groups who sell South Pacific with production gross booking volumes above 1.5m AUD annually – we can offer a unique insurance guarantee and a line of credit. No one has ever offered this, to date – to protect your client funds whilst! What does this mean in plain terms? We empower you to better manage your relationships with your clients, while providing them with unbeatable South Pacific holiday deals. Basically, we’re not only providing unparalleled product and reservation support, but also one-of-a-kind agent protection. 

We also award those travel agents who qualify monthly overrides between 1-5%, depending on performance. For all South Pacific travel retailers, if you need specialised holiday packaging assistance and expertise, do reach out to us at admin@hideawayholidays.com.au – we’d love to hold a Zoom session/ Skype call/ coffee-with-social-distancing meeting! If you are a travel agent and would like to register to access our South Pacific Destination Specialist Services, please drop us a line at email address above or zip to our B2B Agent website. You can also read about our take on COVID and the latest related updates from South Pacific resorts.

And we’re saying that now is the time to plan for the resurgence of travel! It’s time to swing for the mass market wholesalers for service, product variety and robust agent support. As Tourism Fiji put it admirably and concisely… “Sota Tale!” With your support, we can not only ride the new wave, but BE the wave of new travel! 

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