Unveiling Fiji: A 7 Nights’ Discovery Aboard The MS Caledonian Sky

Listen to Unveiling Fiji: A 7 Nights’ Discovery Aboard The MS Caledonian Sky

Thinking about booking a Fiji cruise? Check out Captain Cook Cruises’ best-selling Fiji cruise option – the Fiji 7 Nights’ Remote North Discovery Cruise! This week-long cruise into the Fiji’s hard-to-reach northern islands takes travellers away from the hustle of the over-commercialised mainland. When we talk about Fiji’s 333 islands, this seven nights’ cruise will show travellers the island destination’s absurdly beautiful landscape few have experienced. This blog is a detailed cruise itinerary of what one can expect to see, do and experience on Captain Cook Cruises’ Remote North cruise aboard the MV New Caledonian Sky. 

Day 1: Check out Tivua Island & Setting Sail Towards Adventure

The voyage with Captain Cook Cruises commences as guests are warmly welcomed aboard with a delightful fruit punch and a traditional Fijian lei. The cruise embarks towards a special destination – the exclusive Tivua Island.

Tivua Island is a pristine haven that serves as the first port of call in this island escapade. The afternoon offers holidaymakers an array of choices – from enjoying a twilight swim in the crystal-clear waters, snorkelling to observe the vibrant underwater life, to unwinding on the powdered sugar, white sand beach.

As dusk sets in, Tivua becomes the backdrop for a special welcome dinner. Along with the crew’s entertainment providing a festive atmosphere, this offers a fun start to the week-long cruise. 

Day 2: Cultural Harmony and Historical Discovery at Makogai Island

Drone shot of MV Caledonian Sky cruise ship.
The MV Caledonian Sky – your cruise ship for exploring Fiji’s natural, cultural and historical beauty!

Guests aboard are treated to a touching cultural experience – the children of Makogai Island present a special choral performance, enchanting everyone with Sunday. This intimate musical experience offers a glimpse into the local traditions and harmonious community life. The exploration of Makogai Island continues as holidaymakers delve into its natural wonders. Guests can discover the island’s underwater marvels either by snorkelling or through a glass-bottom boat tour. A highlight of this aquatic journey is a visit to the clam research station, showcasing the island’s dedication to marine conservation.

In the afternoon, a sense of history pervades as guests are invited to embark on a one-hour walking tour. This excursion takes them through Makogai’s historical graveyard and the remnants of an old leper colony, offering a poignant reminder of the island’s past. 

Day 3: Historical Exploration in Levuka, Ovalau

On the third day, the cruise takes a historical turn as the MS Caledonian Sky anchors at Levuka, located on Ovalau Island, off the northeast coast of Fiji’s main island. Levuka holds the distinction of being Fiji’s first European settlement and was once the bustling centre of British colonial administration and trade.

The town of Levuka, steeped in history, paints a vivid picture of its past. At its zenith, it was a hub for sailors and traders, with over 50 hotels. The town was renowned for its lively, even wild, atmosphere. However, when the capital moved to Suva in 1888, Levuka’s bustling streets and notorious reputation gradually faded into quietude.

Enjoy power-packed Fijian cultural performances!

Guests have the unique opportunity to step back in time with an optional tour of this historic town. The guided exploration offers insights into Levuka’s rich past and its transformation over the years.

In the afternoon, travellers can indulge in snorkelling near a shipwreck, offering a glimpse into the underwater world, or simply choose to explore more of Levuka’s tranquil streets.

Day 4: Discovering the Charms of Savusavu and Whispering Tide

The fourth day of the cruise introduces guests to the enchanting town of Savusavu, located on Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second-largest island. Savusavu nestles on the edge of an extinct volcanic crater, offering a rare blend of natural wonders and quaint town life!

In the morning, travellers are invited to explore the intriguing streets of Savusavu. The town is renowned for its hot springs, a natural testament to its volcanic past. Additionally, guests can visit the world-famous Justin Hunter pearl farm. The afternoon brings a shift from cultural exploration to aquatic adventure at Whispering Tide. Here, guests can engage in swimming and snorkelling activities under the guidance of the onboard marine biologist. 

Explore Fiji’s many amazing waterfalls on your cruise!

Day 5: The Garden Island’s Splendour and a Step into Time Itself

Today, the MS Caledonian Sky anchors off the western coast of Taveuni Island, affectionately known as Fiji’s ‘Garden Island’. Guests can embark on a bus tour leading to the enchanting Tavoro Waterfall located within the Bouma National Heritage Park. This idyllic spot provides a serene setting for swimming and relaxation. For the more adventurous, there’s the opportunity to take a challenging hike to the waterfall’s second and third tiers, each offering its unique vista and ambience.

After enjoying a picnic lunch amidst the park’s natural splendour, guests can experience a unique geographical wonder – the 180th Meridian. This arbitrary line marks the division between today and tomorrow, and visitors have the rare opportunity to stand with one foot in the past and one in the future, a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

As evening approaches, the journey continues to Naselesele Village. Here, guests are welcomed into the heart of Fijian culture with a traditional ‘lovo’ feast, an earth oven cooking method that delivers deliciously-cooked local seafood and meats, accompanied by succulent tropical fruits. The night is further enlivened with the rhythmic beats of the ‘meke’ dance and the solemnity of a kava ceremony, offering a perfect blend of Fijian culinary and cultural experiences.

Day 6: Cultural Mosaic at Kioa and Serenity at Viani Bay

The sixth day of the cruise introduces guests to the unique Kioa Islands, an area rich in cultural heritage and history. Kioa, a freehold island, is home to the South Sea Islanders, who gained full citizenship from Fiji in 2005. The island’s inhabitants originally hail from Tuvalu (Ellice Island), having resettled due to rising sea levels. This day offers an extraordinary opportunity to meet these resilient and vibrant people and witness their traditional welcome and colourful cultural presentations, showcasing their rich heritage and enduring spirit.

In the afternoon, the journey continues along the southern coast of Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second-largest island. Guests can enjoy a leisurely lunch while cruising towards Viani Bay, a spot known for its tranquil beauty and excellent snorkelling opportunities. The bay provides a perfect backdrop for an afternoon of relaxation, with its crystal-clear waters and picturesque beach setting.

As the day transitions into evening, the cruise embraces a white theme for the evening. Guests are invited to dress in white, creating an enchanting atmosphere onboard. The evening is further enlivened with the famous Captain Cook Cruises’ Music Quiz, where guests can put on their dancing shoes and enjoy a night of fun, laughter, and music. 

Day 7: Tranquil Shores of Nananu-i-Ra and a Festive Farewell

As the MS Caledonian Sky cruises southwest from Vanua Levu, the seventh day unfolds with the arrival at Nananu-i-ra, off the northern coast of Fiji’s largest island, Viti Levu. This tranquil spot embodies the quintessential tropical paradise, offering guests a final immersion in Fiji’s splendid natural landscapes.

Enjoy picture-perfect snorkelling hotspots in Fiji!

Guests can go for a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters, snorkelling, and beachcombing along the island’s shores. For those seeking a more active pursuit, there’s the option to hike up the island’s hill, offering panoramic views of the surrounding seascape.

There’s a leisurely lunch aboard the ship, marks the transition to the afternoon – and the guests’ last opportunity to step ashore and soak in the island’s serene beauty before the homeward journey commences. As evening approaches, guests are encouraged to don their favourite island attire and partake in the Pacific Island Night Finale celebrations!

Day 8: A Fond Farewell at Denarau Marina

Today, the MS Caledonian Sky makes its way back to Denarau Marina. The morning begins with a farewell breakfast and guests are invited to gather on the pool deck for a special farewell. In a heartfelt tribute, the crew serenades everyone with the traditional Fijian song ‘Isa Lei’. This melodious farewell is not just a goodbye but a warm ‘sota tale’ – a ‘see you again’ in the Fijian language, expressing hope for future reunions.

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