Toberua Island Resort: A boutique getaway for the perfect adventure holiday!

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Listen to Toberua Island Resort: A boutique getaway for the perfect adventure holiday!

When you read about international jetsetters and swanky holidays on a private island resort, the budget usually goes into six figures and hustle star money. But if you do your research right, there are places like the Toberua Island Resort in Fiji. A dictionary-level private island retreat, this boutique resort blows luxe holiday misconceptions in the nicest way possible – by exceeding expectations. 

What is it and where is it, again? This is a resort set on its own 5-acre island in the Pacific Ocean, off the mainland of Fiji. It has a range of accommodations, a fine dining outlet and plenty of watersports and adventure experiences to boot. There you go. But such a dry description doesn’t really justify why travellers should check it out – why should families, adventurers and couples seek out a tiny island surrounded by crystal-clear waters of the Pacific?

How to reach the Toberua Island Resort in Fiji?

Here’s an interesting trivia: the Toberua Island was Fiji’s first private island resort. There are others now, and more luxurious by far, but this one – it’s the OG. So, how do we reach this little patch of paradise? Private islands are by definition remote and removed from the normal hustle and bustle of civilisation, and this one is as the textbook says. Travellers fly into Fiji’s Suva International Airport and then take a short cab-ride to the Nakelo wharf, from where the resort’s speedboat takes them to the Toberua Island. It’s a half-an-hour’s boat transfer past green islets, lagoons, and electric-blue waters – you’re going to love it. 

When they say ‘beachfront’ at Toberua Island, they really mean it. Credit: Anastasia Kariofyllidis

Accommodations at Toberua Island, Fiji

To the main course, then. The Toberua Island is spread over five acres, and it wisely restrained itself from building a high-rise hotel on it. The resort has limited its inventory to just 16 villas, which ensures a maximum of 35 guests on the island. Your privacy, seclusion and de-cluttering of mind is beyond guaranteed. 

Oh, all its bures (which is what Fijians call villas) are oceanfront offerings – there’s no segregation or discrimination when it comes to nice views and access to the beach. And the views are so great, waking up is one of the best moments of the day. Travellers can choose from Tropical Bures which are great for small families and young travellers. They’re right next to the beach and feature a king-size bed as well as two single beds. Moving up, there are Deluxe and Premium Bures with more space, living room, oversized porch with swing sets and sun-loungers and so on. Finally, there’s the Lagilagi Villa, which is the resort’s palatial three-bedroom villa – capable of hosting upto 10 people in comfort. All the accommodations come with indoor and outdoor ensuite bathrooms, WiFi internet access, TV, ceiling fans and more. There’s no air-conditioning in any of the villas, and no one has ever asked for it, for that matter. The island is blessed with perpetual breezes cooling everybody and everything down. 

Dining at Toberua Fiji

Setting up a table for the magical evening ahead. Credit: Tom Vierus.

The resort has a chef-led team working at the in-house fine dining restaurant. The resort sources its fish and seafood fresh from the island’s waters, while produce is locally-harvested. The menu keeps changing day to day, making meals a gastronomic surprise of the best kind. Besides switching between island, Pacific Rim, and international cuisines, the restaurant also caters very easily to dietary restrictions and preferences of its patrons. Guests can choose between indoor dining or a beachfront setting. Better still, ask for a picnic by the beach!

Things to do on a Fiji holiday!

There’s just so many things to do on the island – you’ll need another holiday. Credit: Tom Vierus.

This is where the Toberua Island Resort exceeds travellers’ expectations and has a steady stream of returning visitors. The island has great walking paths and exploring the resort’s 5 acres is always a fun exercise for kids and teens. The resort encourages outdoor exploration by providing for packed lunches and picnics on demand. Golfers, you’re in luck. The resort has the rare distinction of having a low-tide golf course – get your clubs at the activity hut and practice that swing to your heart’s content.

The reefs around the island are teeming with marine life. Credit: Tom Vierus.

But let’s not step around the main draw – the island’s beautiful, glassy blue waters. The Toberua Island Resort has a fully-certified PADI scuba-diving centre, and welcomes experienced and new divers alike. The island’s waters are home to over 390 coral species and over 1,200 marine faunae, for starters. They don’t call Fiji the soft coral capital of the world for nothing; and Toberua is a scuba-diving haven. To be honest, adventurers can spend 2-3 weeks diving the different hotspots and still have room for something new. Check out the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and ‘The Playground’ – the pictures do far less justice. 

Toberua Island Resort, Fiji: Private Island Getaways

You need an oasis of romance? Will a jetty do? Credit: Tom Vierus.

The Toberua Island Resort is a magnificent example of a private island getaway. You will come to the island thinking of a luxurious holiday – and you’ll get one. But in a few days, you’ll realise the natural beauty and simplicity of living is Toberua’s real draw. Check out our resort page for Toberua, where you can stitch your own holiday together. Pick your rooms, add flights, meal plans, tours and transfers; it’s as simple as that. Or, you can check out our Fiji Hot Deals for latest holiday packages on Toberua and other seasonal specials. At any point, if you need help or holidays advice, just call our South Pacific Specialists on 1300 91 751!

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