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In the serene waters of the South Pacific lies a buzzing metropolis: Suva. It is the capital of Fiji, the largest city in the South Pacific, and reigns supreme as the epicentre of Fiji’s nightlife.

It’s the beating heart of the nation: a vibrant cultural hub. So if you’re wondering what to do in Suva, we’ve created a comprehensive guide for you.

What to eat in Suva

Dining out is one of the best things to do in Viti Levu’s metropolis. But first, let’s visit the bustling source of goodness. The Suva Municipal Market is a fantastic haunt for unparalleled fresh veggies and fruits. Here you can sip on fresh pineapple juice while perusing tasty Fijian treats, like: cassava, jackfruit, taro, bitter gourds and yams. With such an abundance of fresh produce available, it’s no wonder the restaurants here are second to none. Whether you opt for a cosy curry house or an upmarket bistro – the food is prepared with the utmost care and served to you with renowned South Pacific charm.

After walking about (Suva’s flea market is excellent for trinkets!)  the day, a sharpish appetite is but expected. We recommend checking out Tiko’s Floating Restaurant – an iconic eatery set in an old cruise liner that’s moored in the harbour. You’ll get idyllic scenery paired with some seriously delicious local seafood.

What to drink in Suva

You’ll find a wealth of watering holes scattered along Suva’s breezy esplanade. Whether you’re up for settling into a traditional kava bar or curious to check out a classy cocktail joint, Suva has you covered. Trapps on Victoria Parade is a must see, abuzz with vivacious chatter and clinking glasses, it’s busier than the Tokyo subway and one firecracker of a scene.

Nightclubs and bars in Suva

The nightlife in Suva is renowned throughout the South Pacific and clubbing is a popular pastime for most cosmopolitan Fijians. People gather on Suva’s main street Victoria Parade to drink and meet up with friends at the numerous bars and clubs.

Birdland is considered the one of the best nightclubs in Suva. With a massive bar and dance floor, it can host an impressive number of guests. It’s operated by a jazz aficionado and posters of Miles and Bird are dime a dozen on its walls. This merry haunt is the perfect place to dance the night away.

Hiking and walking tours in Suva

If that’s not enough walking, head to Colo-I-Suva, a forest park just north of the city. Here you can trek through the lush rainforest and cool off with a swim in the waterfall pools.

Sightseeing in Suva

If you’re into sightseeing, there are two Suva attractions you cannot miss.

Thurston Gardens on Victoria parade boast a large collection of rare flora and fauna from throughout the South Pacific. Spend a couple of hours admiring the many varieties of palms, gingers and water lilies, then enjoy a picnic in this peaceful oasis.

The Fiji Museum located within Thurston Gardens is the oldest museum in the South Pacific and gives visitors an insight into the history of Fiji and how it became what it is today. Its exhibits range from photographs to a freaking full-size war canoe to keep all its visitors engaged. Then, if you still have the energy, you can check out the Government House – it’s a treasure trove of Fijian history. Also, hiking up Mount Korobaba is an excellent idea – talk to our South Pacific Specialists to make that happen!

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