Protecting Paradise: Plantation Island Resort Honours World Mangrove Day

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Listen to Protecting Paradise: Plantation Island Resort Honours World Mangrove Day

Set in the beautiful Mamanuca islands in Fiji, the Plantation Island Resort is not only a breathtaking tropical island resort… but also a steward of Nature! To mark July 26th, World Mangrove Day, the resort reaffirmed its commitment to the environment and sustainable tourism practices. 

The Plantation Island highlighted the crucial role that mangroves play in safeguarding the coastlines from natural disasters, such as cyclones, waves, floods, and erosion. These resilient ecosystems act as natural barriers, providing a shield for the resort and countless other coastal regions worldwide. Beyond their protective role, mangroves are vital in mitigating climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas, from the atmosphere.

The resort’s dedication to preserving these vital ecosystems is evident through their ongoing efforts to plant mangrove seedlings. Engaging children of visiting international travellers and local community students in regular environmental and conservation activities, the Plantation Island Resort has planted over 1,000 seedlings, nurturing the growth of future mangrove forests.

Mangroves are a powerhouse when it comes to trapping carbon dioxide.

Mangroves offer a wealth of benefits to the resort and its guests. Their presence maintains water quality and clarity by filtering pollutants and trapping sediments, ensuring pristine waters and vibrant marine life. The rich biodiversity of mangroves creates a haven for marine species, providing guests with unparalleled snorkelling and diving experiences in the nearby coral reefs.

On World Mangrove Day, Plantation Island Resort goes beyond celebration, embracing a day of educational programs for kids, teens, and adults. The resort’s marine biologists and activities staff exhort positive changes in daily habits, encouraging guests to reduce their ecological footprint and become advocates for sustainable living.

The resort’s staff and guests came together to celebrate World Mangrove day, planting mangrove seedlings.

As travellers embark on their Fiji adventure at Plantation Island Resort, they not only indulge in the beauty of the turquoise waters and sandy beaches, but also become a part of the resort’s commitment to preserving the natural wonders that make this island paradise so unique. Whether it’s snorkelling in the thriving coral reefs or witnessing the magic of a mangrove forest, guests at Plantation Island Resort are invited to embrace and contribute to the preservation of Fiji’s pristine environment. 

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