No pre-flight COVID tests for vaxxed tourists, says Fiji

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Travellers, we bring great tidings of hassle-free holiday – Fiji has relaxed its entry requirements for international travellers even further. Now, there’s no need for stuffy RT-PCR tests before leaving for the holiday! Leading the way for South Pacific in normalising holidays, Tourism Fiji pleased travellers no end with this news break.

In a nutshell, pre-flight COVID tests will be a thing of the past, come May 1. So, what’s the requirements now? Minimal, honestly. For all fully-vaccinated travellers 16 and over, there’s no need for pre-departure COVID-19 test – either RT-PCR or rapid. Just show your vaccination status as double-dosed/ booster dosed along with your required papers and saunter along. When you land in Fiji, there is the one rapid test that you can take any time within 48-72 hours. End of very short rules, begin epic Fiji holidays!

What are the new Fiji Entry Rules again?

  • If you’re 16 and over, provide proof of full vaccination, or booster dosing.
  • You need to have travel insurance, because that’s just common sense.
  • Pre-book a simple Rapid Action Test for COVID-19 when you land in Fiji, take it any time between 48-78 hours.
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New rules and thank Fiji for normalising South Pacific holidays!

Why is this big news?

A lot many countries are still under quarantine and multiple COVID-19 test requirements. Considering such, Fiji’s relaxing of pandemic travel norms is refreshing as well as required. It also quashed mandatory quarantining for international travellers last month and made mask-wearing a choice. If you didn’t know about it, quick recap. In March, fully vaxxed travellers won’t to quarantine while holidaying. Talking before the Fijian parliament, announced Fiji’s Minister for Economy Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum. The existing travel partner system was also removed and the mandatory mask mandate at public spaces was made a matter of choice and sensibility. Recap over, you’re all up to speed.

The sum of these steps put Fiji at the forefront of countries who are bringing normalcy back to tourism. And we could not be happier.

Any nitty-gritties to this announcement?

Not really. For travellers over 12, the testing requirement remains. All eligible international travellers can book their COVID-19 RAT test via Entry Test Fiji. Proof of test booking must be shown at point of departure – that’s important! After landing, travellers are free to move around as much as they feel like. Your COVID-19 RAT test can be taken any time between landing in Fiji to under 72 hours. Pro Tip – Just get the test done as soon as (it takes all but two minutes), get the report and then concentrate on having a blast of a holiday.

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