Navutu Stars Resort, Fiji: Leaving us starry-eyed!

ResortsPanoramic view of the beach at Navutu Stars Resort in Yasawa Islands, Fiji.
Listen to Navutu Stars Resort, Fiji: Leaving us starry-eyed!

Recently, a group of our South Pacific Specialists were invited on a familiarisation trip to the boutique luxury Navutu Stars Resort in Yasawa Islands, Fiji. Of course, we accepted with barely restrained glee, packed our bags with frenetic energy and printed a countdown calendar so we could count off the days with a pink lipstick!

The launch from Navutu Stars Resort sailing over to pick us up.

On the weekend, we set off to the Yasawas. We drove over to Port Denarau, where we boarded a boat transfer to the Yasawa Islands. Incidentally, international travellers have been visiting Fiji for quite some time, but the Yasawas were closed off to the world because the residing tribes didn’t want any interaction. That changed in the last 60-odd years and it’s because of this very fact that these islands are wildly beautiful and teeming in soft corals, marine life, and natural beauty.

Getting to Navutu Stars Resort, Yasawa Islands, Fiji 

“In a nutshell, Navutu Stars is simply calm and ultra-beautiful,” Lucy remarks, while on the speedboat transfer to the island.

“Travelling to the Navutu Island Resort, one encounters all the shades of blue. Teal, cerulean, sapphire, inky azures, and so much so that ‘ocean blue’ seems inadequate,” says Valerie, our Head of Design. Hearty local greeting songs could be heard quite some distance away from the resort island’s jetty. Once we disembarked from the boat, we were welcomed by the cheerful local staff, and promptly handed a fresh coconut to sip from.

“The Reservations Manager was ever so welcoming,” recalls Valerie. While we were ‘chilling’ in the lounge with our steadily-depleting coconuts, the bures were being checked and given the once-over before being handed over. We were given the tour of the resort, after a hearty lunch, which was led by Sai, the aforementioned Reservations Manager. 

Settling into a Private Island Resort: Super Cool!

Being greeting with a fresh coconut is now our favourite!

We, and especially, Lucy, were blown away by how close the bures were set by the beach. Once checked into their rooms, the people spent some time exploring the beach and enjoying the sun. We were also given a tour of one of Navutu Stars’ wedding venues. “Overlooking the beach, the ocean and the coconut palms, the view was simply to die for,” said Lucy. Now that I’ve seen the pictures matched up in real life, Navutu Stars will surely my first choice when prospective clients ask for my opinion, she enthused. 

Our Ops Manager Sheenam observed, “The staff really go above and beyond every single time.” It’s like customer service is the real religion here. “Like,” she continues, “the staff makes an extra effort to ensure the guests are involved, making every holiday special with that personal connect!”

All bures have easy access to the beach, and activities like kayaking and snorkelling are elevated with the crystal-clear waters around the Yasawa Islands. But… lazing around was never so rewarding as you’ll get to experience here – the hammocks next to the bures and the beach are coveted, we warn you. Secondly, the in-resort spa is off the charts when it comes to traditional Fijian massages and spa treatments. Valerie says that, for her, “It was just watching the sun go down amongst the islands – a perfect Kodak moment”. Sheenam agreed, “There is a constant here, which is peace of mind. Calm is a quality here.”

Bures at Navutu Stars Resort
Some of the bures we saw and stayed in – what you see is what you get!

Watching How a Perfect Meal Comes Together

Travellers can also learn how a traditional Fijian barbeque comes to life, as here – it takes place underground! Called the ‘lovo’, guests can watch the resort staff dig and line the oven pit, along with hand-woven coconut-leaf baskets. “As a local myself, I have no idea how to weave a coconut basket,” Lucy admitted. “During the lovo preparation, the staff demonstrated and with their help, I wove one!”

Our staff were instantly won over by the exuberant kava drinking ceremony, even when they were locals! International guests are taught how to sip and pass the polished coconut shell cup around. And while the kava is being made and shared with much music and dance, the lovo pit is uncovered. And then the incredibly, absolutely, mouth-watering aroma of baked chicken, pork, seafood and veggies cooked in fresh coconut cream wafts over.

(Recording pauses as scrumptious food is consumed with even more kava.)

Once dinner is over and cleared, (the kava is still flowing plentifully!), the staff belt out local dances to live music; guests often join in and are encouraged. As you call it a night, your bed in the bure will be turned down and waiting for you. Now, that’s a good day well spent. 

The saltwater pool at the Navutu Stars Resort, Fiji!
Sometimes, you don’t want a day with activities at the Navutu Stars Resort, Fiji!

Choices, choices: Champagne problems on a Fiji holiday

Our staff awoke to waves crashing on the beach and briskly cool Pacific breeze. The resort compound and the white sand beach are raked daily, making it super clean and pristine all day, every day. After a hearty buffet breakfast, we were told that we could visit the village church for the weekend service or go snorkelling in waters off the nearby Likuliku village. “What I felt was, the Navutu Stars Resort could have a board on information on the local points of interest and nearby islands, since that’s what almost all travellers would end up asking,” Valerie said.  

Lucy and the others went for snorkelling. The activities staff were patient with those of us who didn’t know how to snorkel, helping us put on the gear correctly. After the snorkelling session, we were taken back to the resort. Lucy chimes in, “A staff whisked me and the others off for a quick spa session, even if we were running short on time. And it was so good, I almost napped in happiness!”

Now who would pass that up? Not us!

Dining like kings and queens at Navutu Stars, Fiji

After an exhilarating afternoon snorkelling, we went back to the resort for a king’s lunch spread. Lucy went for Navutu Stars’ famous fish and chips for lunch, with 2 freshly made dipping sauces on the side, and would not shut up about how insanely good it was. “What really impressed me was the staff’s general service and etiquette – always prompt and friendly,” Sheenam said. “Plus, the restaurant’s depth of menu was impressive and the food was delicious, fresh, and the plating was just next level.”

And then, with many promises to come back, we headed back home. We realised something on the way back. After landing at the resort, and getting involved with activities and experiences, we stopped missing extraneous daily noise like traffic, the daily hustle and even the constant chimes of notifications. As we headed back to the Fijian mainland, we realised this was one extra that comes free with every holiday at Navutu Stars Resort!

Anyhoo, that was our weekend at the lovely island resort set in the remote Yasawa Islands. If you want to check out the resort and more of its details, head over to our Navutu Stars Resort page. Or you can check out other blogs on Fiji, for that matter. Our Fiji Hot Deals is where our South Pacific Specialists will always have a Navutu Stars deal for you to check out! And while you can fully customise any of our packages to Navutu Stars Resort or any place in the South Pacific, feel free to talk to our South Pacific Specialists. We can advise and suggest tours, right times to book transfers, transit hotels and local attractions at the drop of a hat; the number’s 1300 991 751!

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