Book with Confidence with Hideaway Holidays! We understand you are naturally concerned about travelling due to COVID-19.... We, as well as some of our hotel suppliers and selected airlines are supporting you and have relaxed cancellation and amendment policies which means you can amend and change your travel plans if required once booked. Take advantage of amazing South Pacific airfares and deals now for your future travels #PlanNowTravelLater
Contact our team on 1300 991 751 to discuss which hotels and airlines are relaxing their policies to enable you to book with confidence!

Bula Bubble Holiday Deals - Upto 65% off!

All-Inclusive Fiji Holiday Packages

Bula, international travellers! We’ve waited so long to say “Fiji is ready and waiting for you.” And now we can!! Fiji has opened its borders to its travel partner countries (of the ever-growing Bula Bubble list). And therefore, we’ve collected the best of all-inclusive Bula Bubble Fiji holiday packages this side of the Pacific.

Fiji Reopening – Bula Bubble Holiday Deals!

TBH, we’re so happy that we’ve tailored some of the best all-inclusive Fiji holiday deals and packages of this decade, period. Feast yourself on sweet holiday deals with up to 65% off on discounts and value-adds – we’re just that good in bundling the best deals!

So, with the Bula Bubble, Fiji is leading the way for the South Pacific in relaxation of COVID restrictions in the wake of stellar vaccination rates. All our hospitality partners participating in the holiday deals have gone above and beyond to make sure you, your family, the staff and everyone around practices social distancing and good COVID-19 practices rigorously. There are clauses to protect travellers from unexpected delays, ultra-flexible date changes and so on. In fact, you can read more about Fiji Government’s announcement here in our blog.

Wait, Go On About Great Fiji Holidays Deals!

And just because it’s been so long and we’ve all been so good to stay at home – there’s a ton of holiday bonuses and discounts that we’ve bundled together. All the holiday deals you’ll see below are the best we’ve ever featured – including fantastically discounted flight tickets, transfers, full board meal options and even all-inclusive deals! So browse and book the best of Bula Bubble packages and deals – in case you need more information, feel free to call our South Pacific Specialists at 1300 991 751!

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