Terms and Condition

Please read the Terms and Conditions which apply to the use of this web site and to all Bookings

Please read the Travel Warnings which may apply to the Country you are travelling to. If travelling in the South Pacific between December and April you should be aware that you are travelling in the ‘wet season’. For up to date OVERSEAS TRAVEL INFORMATION , we recommend you visit www.smartraveller.gov.au on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) website or call 1300 139 281


In order to make a reservation you must first obtain a QUOTE from us. In order to obtain a quote from us you must advise us by E-mail of the following:


  • Number of people travelling and specify how many children (including birth dates of any children)
  • Destination(s).
  • Departure City.
  • Total duration away.
  • If combining several destinations, how long at each location?
  • Type of accommodation required (eg. hotel or grade of hotel, room type or category etc.).
  • Any other requirements.


We will reply to you, after checking flight schedules, itineraries etc with a detailed quotation. Accommodation is subject to availability at time of booking. The quote should be treated as a guide only and is subject to availability at the time of your actual booking. If this quote is acceptable and you wish to make a reservation you must advise us by E-mail of the following details:


  • Full name(s) of all people traveling and their nationalities, as per passport.
  • Contact phone number.
  • Your correct E-mail address
  • Your street and postal address
  • Date of birth of any children traveling.
  • Departure city.
  • Destination and itinerary.
  • Any other requirements.

On receipt of this information we will make the flight reservations (if applicable), at which time a deposit of AU$200 per person (or higher amount, if applicable) is payable. Full payment is required at time of confirmation. Payments may be made paid by one of the following methods (bank transfer payments for airfares and other services may be required in cleared funds):

  • Cheque drawn on an Australian bank..
  • Credit Card* (we accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX). Surcharge varies as per new legislation from 1 Sept 2017 between 0.675% between standard cards to 1.17% for premium cards. AMEX is a flat 2.5% regardless of type of card.
  • Direct Deposit into our account. You must advise us of the deposit details.
  • Bank Draft or Telegraphic Transfer (for overseas clients).

Credit Cards

“Prices quoted reflect a discount for final payment by bank transfer. If final payment is not made by the specified date your booking may be cancelled with no refund of any deposits paid, or there may be an additional late payment fee of a minimum of $50 per booking.

If you pay by credit card the following please note the following Hideaway Holidays accepts Mastercard, VISA and American Express. Please note the credit card surchages. Youcan call our accounts team on 1300 991 751 to process credit card transactions over the phone* VISA/MASTERCARD: If you have a standard card the credit  card surcharge is 0.675%. If you have a premium card, the  surcharge is 1.17% AMEX: If you are using American Express, the surcharge is 2.5% regardless of the type of AMEX card you have.

Credit card fees are set in accordance with what we are charged by the credit card company and/or the supplier and it includes a processing fee. In some instances a higher fee may apply if an international credit card is involved or the supplier charges a higher fee.

Important Information regarding currency related price increases:

Our prices are based on overseas currencies and the current exchange rates at the time of the quote. Exchange rates are likely to change and this may increase the cost of your package. Full payment is required at time of booking to avoid currency related increases. If you do not pay the full cost of the package at the time of booking, any currency related increases will be applied to the total cost of the package less any air tickets that have already been issued.

Seat Assignments and other Airline Services

As soon as your flights are confirmed you should contact the airline directly to request seating assignments, special meals, baggage and other services. Please check that the airline has your latest phone contact and should this change you must notify the airline directly (asc well as Hideaway Holidays in writing). Hideaway Holidays are unable to assist you in requesting seating assignments, baggage, meals and other services..

Airline Tickets

In most cases your airline tickets are issued as an e-ticket. When you receive your documents from us you must open and read all the attachments. Details on this document include the latest information from the airline including flight times – please ensure that you check-in for your flight at least 2 hours before scheduled departure time, or as otherwise advised by the airline. Schedule changes do occur at short notice – you must contact the airline at least 24 hours before scheduled departure time to reconfirm your flights including the departure time.

Conditions applicable to the use of this Website and for all Hideaway Holidays / Paradise Adventures and Cruises bookings. Please read carefully as these conditions will apply to your booking.

Please read your Invoice and other documents carefully, as well as any accompanying emails from us which may impose other conditions relating to your booking.

You must check all details on the documents that we send you and advise us in writing if there any errors or omissions. No responsibility can be taken if names are not correct as per passport, or dates and other information is not correct

Deposits: Please note that we are unable to check availability or confirm accommodation prior to booking your flights, as often this accommodation is subject to instant purchase And availability can change without notice . Once the international flights are confirmed you will be required to pay a deposit and we can then request your accommodation. Hotel bookings are often very heavy and availability can change in minutes and without notice. It would therefore be pointless to check on hotel availabilities without actually putting a hold on the accommodation based on the flights you are holding, as by the time you came back to us the accommodation may have been sold to someone else. To request accommodation a deposit is required, however payment of this deposit does not guarantee availability until such time as we receive the confirmation from the supplier and when you receive the written advise from us. In the event that the accommodation you requested is not available and if there is no other alternative acceptable to you, you will receive a refund of the deposit paid (airfares however are non-refundable) less any currency and/or bank fees. On confirmation of your accommodation we will reconfirm the total cost.

On confirmation by us of the complete booking, you will be advised of:

  • Final payment requirements and any special conditions.
  • Documentation requirements.

Important Notice regarding your eMAIL address. It is essential that you advise us in writing at time of booking of your correct eMAIL address. All communications and documents will be sent to that email address. If you change your email address you must advise us by email of that new address and receive an acknowledgement (not an automated response) from us that we have received your notification. If you do not receive an acknowledgement, that means that we have not received your advice and you will need to resend.
You must ensure that your anti-spam filters are not blocking our email and if you have any doubts or problems please consult your Internet provider or IT specialist. Hideaway Holidays will not be responsible for any emails that you do not receive due to anti spam settings on your computer, server Internet provider or any other reason.

Full Payment is required at the time of our confirmation to you. In some cases at our discretion we may allow an extended payment schedule however in this case you will be subject to currency exchange rate fluctuations which may result in a significantly higher final cost to you. We strongly suggest that full payment be made immediately on receipt of the confirmation/invoice for your package, as prices may vary due to currency fluctuation irrespective of which currency your quote is based on.
All holidays are based on content priced in non Australian currencies and therefore the price quoted to you is subject to change.
If we offer you the facility of not paying full cost of the package at the time of your booking, you will be subject to any price changes that may occur by your payment date. The currency surcharge, if applicable, will apply on the total cost. You will not be automatically advised of currency related increases as these changes do occur on a regular basis. Please check with us on the day of your intended final payment to verify if there has been price increase. If you fail to do so and you make a payment based on an earlier invoice you will re-invoiced for any additional costs, if such has occurred. Agents booking a package on behalf of their clients must check with Hideaway Holidays/Paradise Adventures and Cruises by email regarding any price variation, before collecting final payments from their client. Booking will be deemed to be not fully paid until any additional costs are paid.
In some cases, at time of booking, we may allow you to pay the airfare and a deposit only, with the balance payable at a later date. You will be subject to currency surcharges that may have occurred on the day of final payment. At any time, we reserve the right to bring forward the date of final payment if this is deemed necessary due to operational reasons. In this case 7 days, or less notice may be given where an earlier payment date is required. Failure to pay the balance by the new deadline will result in cancellation with no refund of any amounts paid..

Names as per passport: When requesting a reservation, names must be advised as per passport, clearly identifying the Last Name and the First Name in that order (do not include any middle names unless you are going to the USA, in which case the Middle Name is also required).
When we confirm the booking to you, the names on the ‘Booking Advice’ and Invoice will be in the form:
Last Name, First Name
The Middle Name is also required for all bookings to the US and territories.
It is essential that you check carefully these details (including child ages on the date of travel) on the ‘Booking Advice’ and Invoice that you receive from us.
You must also check the flight details (dates and times) and accommodation / transportation details.
If there is any discrepancy you must notify us immediately in writing. In the event that names and other details are incorrect, airline tickets and documents will need to be re-issued at a very substantial additional cost to you. We will not take any responsibility for tickets issued as a result of our prior communications not being checked by you for correctness.
Please be aware that if booking an unborn child that a name change may be required once the infant has been named. An additional airline fee may be applied for the name change and this will be dependant on airline policy.
Any name changes that are required after ticket issue will be subject to an airline amendment fee.

Booking Fees – the following fees apply to all bookings:

  • Late Payment fee (where customer pays finals after close of business on the due date) potentially, a $33 per file provided it is the same itinerary. Any extra fees charged by suppliers are additional plus any adjustments or fees that may apply on any components.
  • Late Booking FEE (applies for any bookings made within 7 days of departure) $60 per file, or a higher depending on the amount of administration involved.
  • Amendment Fees – minimum $55 per amendment per file (plus any fees levied by suppliers). In addition, re-issue of airline tickets will incur a charge of $55 per ticket/sector plus the airline re-issue fee and additional airfare, if applicable. Please follow above link for further details.
  • Airline Only Booking Fee – a minimum fee of $55 per person per sector applies if flights need to be booked and tickets issued (or re-issued) and where where a minimum of 5 nights accommodation is not booked. This fee is in addition to any airline re-issue fees and all fees must be paid in advance. In addition a Guest Contact Service Fee of a minimum of $35 per person per occurrence will apply.
  • Early Documentation Fee – documents will be sent approximately 2 to 3 weeks prior to commencement date, if not earlier. Please ensure that you have provided us with your correct email address for us to send your documents by email. If you require documents to be sent earlier than the 2 to 3 weeks prior to the commencement date, an additional fee of $55 per file will apply. The early release of documents will be at our discretion and may not be always possible.
  • Paper Documentation Fees – minimum of $55 per file where you require us to print out your travel documents. This is per occurrence.
  • Air only booking fees- $15 per person per sector including those through our on-line airline booking engine where there is no Hideaway/Paradise land content (minimum 3 nights).
  • Checked Luggage Fee- Some airlines charge an additional fee for checked luggage. If checked luggage requested at time of booking we will book it for you at an extra fee of 20%. We are unable to assist you with adding checked luggage after your flight reservations have been made and in this case you will need to contact the airline directly..
  • Duplicate Documentation Fee where duplicate document(s) are requested, potentially, a fee of $55 per file applies per occurrence.
  • Credit Card Fees (where payment is by CC) Visa/MasterCard varies from 0.67% to 1.17% depending on the card.
    Any additional fees charged for Credit Card payments by phone or on-line will be added to your account.
  • International Payments (customer is responsible for all fees charged by bank(s) when making payments from overseas) –this fee will be added to your account.
  • Rebooking Fees for Airline Tickets– payment for air tickets is required in cleared funds before tickets are issued. If payment is made by non-cleared funds an additional fee of $55 (per booking) applies plus any additional airfare, tax and airline fee. If applicable this fee will be automatically added to your account.
  • A Fee of $55 per occasion will apply for those requiring verification of cancellation penalties where you have not taken out travel insurance through us.This request to us must be by email and payment made before verification is provided..
  • Dishonour Fees –$55 per occurrence plus any fees charged by suppliers or airlines are additional.

Where fees are ‘per file’ this is defined where all travellers are doing the same itinerary. Where different itineraries are involved these will be treated as separate files. All supplier fees are additional.

If your payment has been made by credit card we are unable to reverse the charge should you decide at a later time that you wish to pay by bank transfer.

Our office hours are normally Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm (Sydney time) excluding Public Holidays. If the advertised ‘Book By’ date falls on a non work day, then bookings must be made by 12 noon on the previous work day. We do have some skeleton staff offering after hours support!

Special Note regarding Travel Agents Licensing.
As from 01 July 2014 -The Australian travel industry has been deregulated. This means the compulsory membership of the Australian Travel Compensation Fund and Travel Agents Licensing is no longer required by Australian travel agents.
Your legal rights now fall under the protection of the Office of Fair Trading or Consumer Affairs in each State. Travel agents now come under the laws governed by each State’s jurisdictions.
For your benefit the management team here have all been in the travel industry for many years. We operate a secure Trust Account where your money is kept until we pay our suppliers. At no time are your funds made available for any use other than your travel services.

  • Prices are based on advance purchase conditions and full payment for your airfares is required at time of confirmation and the balance of the package is payable within 2 weeks of confirmation, however we do suggest payment in full at time of invoice. Your package is subject to currency related increases until such time as final payment has been received by. If paying by bank transfer please allow sufficient time for your payment to reach our account.
    We do offer you the option of paying for your package up to 90 days before departure at a surcharge of 10% on the total land/boat content. You will also be subject to any currency related increases that may occur until we receive your final payment. If you elect to take this option you must notify us in writing at time of confirmation. Airfares and certain other arrangements are excluded from this late payment offer. Airfares must be paid in full at time of reservation.
  • Quotes and Availability. If you receive a quote from us and/or you pay a deposit, this does not guarantee availability, as the service must be requested with the supplier. Availability can change at any time. Quotes are subject to availability at time of booking and we need to request the booking with the airline, hotel or service provider. To request a booking a deposit is required. It is possible that the requested travel arrangements may come back fully booked, even though you may have already made payment. In this case we will endeavour to offer you an alternative, but the price may vary. If the alternative offered is not acceptable, you will be entitled to request a refund, and on receipt of the refund our liability to you will end. We also need to make it clear that if a service is not available at a given point of time, it may become available at a later time to the changing inventory provided by the hotel, airline or service provider.
  • Delays in confirmations may occur, as we require that the service provider replies to us with a definite confirmation before we confirm to you. Some suppliers are slow in confirming to us, and in this case we will endeavour to follow up with the supplier. Hideaway Holidays cannot be held responsible for supplier confirmation delays.
  • Special Requests: Requests are passed to the supplier, they are requests only and are NOT guaranteed. Please note that our advice to you is based on information received from the supplier and we are not responsible for incorrect information this received.
  • On-Line Flight Bookings – if you book your flights through our on-line airline booking engine this then is a separate transaction to any bookings (eg land content) that you may request directly through us or via our on-line accommodation booking engine. Confirmation of flights through our on-line airline booking engine does not therefore guarantee the price that you may have received from us for an air inclusive package. It also does not guarantee the availability of any ground content that may have been quoted separately.
  • Seat allocations on flights are not automatically assigned and are the traveller’s responsibility. It is strongly advised that if you have a preference for seating on the aircraft that you contact the airline with your specific requests as soon as your flights have been ticketed.
  • Independent arrangements – we strongly suggest that you allow us to package your entire travel arrangements to ensure that your holiday goes according to plan. For example, schedule changes can take place which would affect your accommodation. If your flights are not booked through us, we are unable to make any amendments to your accommodation without incurring additional costs. Also, if you purchase your flight tickets elsewhere we are not responsible for any fees that may apply if we are unable to provide you with previously confirmed accommodation and other arrangements, or if the price has increased had you not paid in full at time of confirmation.
  • Packages are non transferable and airfares/land/boat content cannot be utilised by another person. If the original person named in the documents cannot utilise the travel arrangements, the package (airfares/land/boat content) is non refundable.
  • If you are using domestic flights to connect to the international gateway departure city and if these flights are quoted separately this means that they are issued as separate tickets. Should a schedule change occur which causes a missed connection this means that one or more tickets will need to be re-issued however you will be liable for the re-issue fees of each airline. To avoid potential missed connections we strongly encourage you to have the tickets issued as a through fare, however a higher fare may apply. If required you must advise before ticket issue and we will advise you the additional cost. Alternatively we suggest booking your flights to allow one night between the domestic and international flights.
  • Prices and inclusions as quoted on our Web pages, on Quotes, Booking Advices and/or Invoices are current at time of publication/issue, however these are subject to change due to currency fluctuations, tariff changes, tax increases, schedule changes and other reasons. Package content is based on international currencies and exchange rate fluctuations may affect your total price (irrespective of which currency your quote is in). Before making final payment you must check with us to see if any variation in cost, or other details has occurred. Please note that your cost is governed by Government policies (both Australian and international) and any increases in Government charges will affect your cost. Government taxes may increase at any time, even after you have paid for your package. Any such tax increases must be paid by the traveller. We reserve the right to re-invoice you to reflect these (or other) changes and any additional costs must be paid prior to release of documents. Should you pay your ‘final’ amount based on an earlier invoice and the itinerary, costs, taxes, currency variations or other any changes may have occurred we reserve the right to re-invoice you for the difference. Any additional costs are payable by the specified date and failure to pay the additional costs by this date may result in the cancellation of your booking, and our standard cancellation penalties will apply.
  • All charges and costs will be processed in Australian dollars and the approximate prices given in other currencies are for guidance only – the actual amount charged to your credit card in another currency will vary and will be determined by the exchange rate set by your bank. Your bank will convert at the applicable exchange rate on the day they process the transaction. All bank fees are your responsibility.
  • The display of a particular rate or special on our web site does not constitute availability of this rate or special on a particular set of dates. There is limited availability of the specials and rates outlined on our web site and this is determined by airlines, hotels and suppliers. Stay/Pay deals, discounted rates and other specials at hotels are capacity controlled and only a limited number of rooms may be released on the special. Bookings can only be confirmed on a first-come-first-served basis and are subject to availability at time of booking and only after confirmation has been received from the supplier.
  • Hotel standards and facilities, cruise ship and charter boat standards/facilities vary from time to time and hotels may start renovations with or without notifying us. If we are advised of any renovations at the hotel we will notify you. We do not take any responsibility if we are unaware of renovations due to no advice having been received from the hotel, changes in facilities or other events beyond our control. By making your reservation you acknowledge that Hideaway Holidays/Paradise Adventures and Cruises is in no way responsible for quality of facilities or service at the hotel, cruise ship, charter vessel or service provider chosen and for any renovations that may be underway at the resort (or cruise ship, charter operator or other service provider). It is your responsibility to research the facilities offered at your selected hotel, cruise ship or other service before you make your reservation. You should make your decision based on your own independent assessment. We will always suggest booking the deluxe 5-star resorts, cruises or charter vessels but acknowledge that you may have your own reasons for selecting an alternative property or service. Hideaway Holidays/Paradise Adventures takes no responsibility for an incorrect choice. Please note that free and charged facilities offered by hotels or operator may change without notice and it is essential that you verify any costs directly with the hotel or operator.
  • Special Notice regarding airfares: Airfares constantly change on a day to day basis. We always strongly suggest that your airfares should be paid on the date of your invoice to avoid future airfare increases. Airfares once issued are subject to amendment and cancellation penalties of up to 100%. Tickets can only be issued if paid in full. If paying by credit card you must fax or email the completed credit charge form before the tickets can be issued. Alternatively you may pay by bank transfer into our account. Please ensure that you advise by email of any payments made to ensure that your account is credited accordingly. Any increase in airfares between the original quote and the airfare applicable on the date of payment/ticketing must be paid before tickets are issued. Where airlines allow a change in travel dates after ticket issue, this is subject to the airline fee plus the additional airfare cost and our change fees. This date change, if permitted, must be to the same destination and will be subject to seat/fare availability. Flight bookings can be made up to approximately 11 months in advance.
  • Where you have requested an amendment to your booking and this involves an additional airfare and/or tax, this additional amount must be paid before tickets are issued. In the event that your air tickets have been made by credit card, your authority to charge this additional amoun to your credit card without further reference to you is automatically provided, as it is often essential to secure the amended reservations at the best possible price.
  • Child and infant airfares are based on the birth date on dates of travel. In cases where one way airfares are used, the child and infant fares may be based on the child/infant age for each of the outbound and the return journeys. Where travel dates have been amended the new dates may result in the child becoming an adult and the infant becoming a child. This will result in a higher airfare being applicable and the increase will be charged accordingly
  • Booking Agent: Hideaway Holidays/Paradise Adventures and Cruises are not the principals of the services being reserved and act only as booking agents. Hideaway Holidays/Paradise Adventures and Cruises and are not the operators of the hotel, cruise ship, charter vessels and other services and only acts as a 3rd party. Any dissatisfaction with the facilities or service provided by the hotel, cruise ship, charter vessel or operator should be brought up immediately with the operator of that service. For example, in the event that the air conditioning is not working (due to malfunction, or any other reason) at a hotel, aircraft, cruise boat or charter vessel, the customer must bring this up directly (and immediately) with the service provider so that a resolution can be worked out directly with that service provider. Hideaway Holidays/Paradise Adventures and Cruises is not responsible for the failure of the operator to provide a facility or service for any reason, and as such is not responsible for claims that may arise. Hideaway Holidays/Paradise Adventures and Cruises reserves the right to retain the commission earned on the charter to cover the booking costs involved. Any customer claims must be direct with the service provider and/or to claim on their travel insurance.
  • On cruises and charters, Hideaway Holidays/Paradise Adventures and Cruises is not the operator of boats or charters and cannot be held responsible for generator/air conditioning/engine breakdowns or any other problems and any government or local decision that the crew makes during a cruise, such as turning off the boat generator, or weather related issues. These issues must be dealt with directly between the customer and crew/suppler. In the event that a charter is shortened or cancelled by the operator, any refund that is due will be the Nett cost of the charter and this is at the discretion of the operator and must be settled directly with the operator. Hideaway Holidays/Paradise Adventures and Cruises reserves the right to retain the commission earned on the charter to cover the booking costs involved. Any customer claims must be direct with the service provider and/or to claim on their travel insurance.
  • Over-booked accommodation. Accommodation may in some situations be over-booked, and this is beyond our control. Should this happen we will endeavour to find you alternative accommodation. If we are unable to do so, our totally liability to you will be the refund of any moneys paid to us. Refunds shall not include any credit card or 3rd party fees and these will be deducted from the refund amount.
  • Optional services (eg tours, meals etc) may be available, but these are at an additional cost. In some cases you may be able to pre-book these, or they may be available at your destination. In all cases these are at extra cost unless explicitly stated on your invoice that they are included.
  • The suitability of a particular destination, accommodation, cruise, yacht charter, or other service is your responsibility as you may need to take into account whether, age and medical considerations. If in doubt you should research this information directly with the supplier, tourist office or other independent source before making the booking. Bookings are accepted from you on the basis that you will not hold Hideaway Holidays/Paradise Adventures responsible in the event of a wrong choice being made.
  • Airfare and Land Content: If you are booking travel arrangements which includes both airfare and land content, the airfare portion will be treated separately from the land content. For example, if you have booked an airfare and hotel accommodation, and the hotel has become unavailable for whatever reason, you will be subject to the applicable amount on the airfare if you decide to cancel the trip.
  • Wet Season: If travelling in the South Pacific between December and April you should be aware that you are travelling in the ‘wet season’ and there is a greater chance of cyclones during this period. Hideaway Holidays will not be responsible for any disruption to travel or accommodation arrangements due to wet weather, cyclones or other climatic conditions. Travel disruptions may occur due to weather conditions and other natural events. Any additional costs will be the customer’s responsibility. Likewise if you cancel or amend your trip, or any part of it you will be subject to standard cancellation/amendment penalties. In the event that your booked accommodation is unable to accept guests you will need to make alternative arrangements at your own expense. There is no refund of any payments already made to us for any such unused accommodation. Likewise we are unable to cover any cost of alternative accommodation. You must ensure that you have suitable travel insurance to cover this eventuality.
  • In the event of of a natural disaster, a cyclone or industrial action that results in you being unable to travel, your package is non refundable and you will be subject to our standard cancellation/amendment conditions. Under certain circumstances we may be able to apply a portion of the amount that you have paid to another Hideaway Holidays destination to be completed within 11 months. If is option is offered to you, you must notify us of your acceptance within 7 days and to pay any outstanding amount at this time.,
  • Transportation arrangements are handled by separate suppliers. In the event that the transportation supplier is unable to transport you as scheduled (eg to hotel, airport etc) for whatever reason you will still be subject to cancellation/amendment penalties as applied by hotels/airlines etc. In the event that your transportation is delayed or cancelled you must notify the affected hotel/airline/transportation company directly. Failure to do so could involve cancellation/amendment fees and other charges. Travel times, as provided, are based on normal conditions. Adverse weather conditions, or other reasons beyond our control, may result in itinerary changes, or cancellation of your booked arrangements. Cancellation fees will apply in the event of cancellation. Itinerary changes may involve additional costs. Hideaway Holidays/Paradise Adventures cannot take any responsibility for such events which are outside our control. Travel insurance should be considered a necessity to cover such situations. Always check with the local operator (airline or ground transport operator).
  • Group Bookings. We invite bookings from family groups, sporting, wedding parties and other groups. Where not all members of the group are doing the same itinerary the group organiser is not required to handle the arrangements for each each participant. This means the group organiser will not be responsible for collecting and making payments, and for accepting all conditions on behalf of the other group members. Each participant will be provided with their individual quotes depending on their itinerary and this will specify the inclusions. Each participant will be responsible for finalising their arrangements direct with Hideaway Holidays/Paradise Adventures and Cruises. For privacy issues we are unable to discuss with the group organiser the details of what each participant has booked.
  • Schedule Changes and domestic flights: If you are booking domestic flights on a separate ticket to your international, please note that schedule changes may cause you to misconnect. Hideaway Holidays cannot take any responsibility for any such misconnections occurring after ticket issue. It is strongly advisable that at time of booking your international flights that you book your domestic flights on a through ticket (additional cost may apply) as in the event of a schedule change after ticket issue, the affected airline(s) will assist in re-booking the affected flights.
  • In the event of a schedule change (for example, delayed/cancelled flights or boat/land/air transport etc), or any other transportation disruption, this may affect your connecting transportation that may be booked in your itinerary. If you are unable connect with any transportation services that have been booked, you should always advise the onward transportation provider(s) in advance. Please note that there will be no refund on any unused services. It will then be your own responsibility to find alternate transportation at your own expense.
  • In the event that on arrival you are dissatisfied with the accommodation, you must immediately advise the hotel management (not just reception) of your dissatisfaction. In this way, management can try to solve the problem for you. If you are not able to get satisfaction from the hotel management you must notify us by eMAIL, and provide full information (phone notifications will not be accepted). We will endeavour to assist you where we can, but please note that additional costs may apply if you decide to upgrade, change or vary your accommodation. Please note that Hideaway Holidays only acts as a third party, and we will not be responsible for any payments that may have been made in advance and which the accommodation proprietor refuses to refund.
  • Schedule changes do occur and if this information is advised to us prior to your departure we will advise you. You may be subject to additional costs for additional accommodation etc and this additional cost must be paid prior to departure. You must reconfirm all flights with the carrier concerned for all flights in your itinerary and recheck all flight times. If schedule changes occur you must liaise with the airline/transportation company and any extra costs are your own responsibility. Any affected hotels are to be advised directly by you of the change. Hideaway Holidays/Paradise Adventures are not responsible for any such additional costs, or for missed connections due to failure to reconfirm with the carrier concerned, or for any other reason.
  • Prices quoted on our web sites, in our brochures, flyers, other promotional media and invoices may not include some airport departure taxes, hotel taxes, government charges and other levies. Also some other taxes and fees may be need to be paid locally and are therefore not included in your package cost. Pre-paid taxes are subject to change without notice and in the event that there is an increase the amount will be added to your invoice. These additional levies and taxes may apply even if you have paid your tour balance. Any increase in Government charges must be paid prior to departure. Failure to pay these additional Government charges may result in the cancellation of your booking and cancellation penalties in line with our standard cancellation rules will apply. For certain countries and airports, airport departure taxes are paid locally and this is the passenger’s responsibility.
  • Please note the inclusions as listed on your itinerary are as provided by suppliers and are subject to change. Any additional items are at your own expense. Excess baggage, meals, non re-payable airport taxes, communication costs and other items of a personal nature are not included. Where hotels, or other suppliers, had originally specified certain inclusions, these may no longer be available at time of travel and Hideaway Holidays will not be liable for the non provision of these services, or hotels/suppliers charging extra for these services.
  • Checked Bags – your luggage allowance will vary from airline to airline and will also depend on the airfare paid. Where there is a free checked luggage allowance, any extra bags should be arranged directly with the airline. Some airlines do not include a free baggage allowance on certain fare types and in this case if you request with us in writing at the time of booking your flights, we will add the extra luggage to your booking (a fee of 20% on top of the airline fee will apply) however no extra allowance is booked until you receive a confirmation from us in writing. Alternatively you can pre-book the extra allowance directly with the airline or at check-in at the airport. Our responsibility is just the standard allowance.
    Special baggage such as oversized bags, sporting equipment, surfboards etc can only be arranged directly with the airline and this should be done in advance. Excess baggage is at the discretion of the airline and there are weight/size restrictions – for further details please contact the airline. We can take no responsibility for the airline being unable to accommodate your luggage. Please check your Booking Advice and Invoice for any additional checked luggage that may have been booked for you, and if there are any omissions these must be advised to us immediately.
    Please ensure that you check with the airline directly regarding their size, weight and special baggage restrictions.
  • Quotes are provided as such and are no guarantee that the arrangements are available once you request your booking. If you have received a quote there is no guarantee that it is available when you actually book. What is available one day may be sold out the net day. In many cases requests have to be sent to one or more supplies to confirm the package. Some airlines require immediate purchase for special fares. Hotel and resort bookings require deposit at time time that request is made. A service fee may be added to quoted prices.
  • Prices are based on special negotiated advance purchase rates which require an advance non refundable deposit and/or pre-payment. All deposits paid are an administration fee and are non refundable should you decide to cancel. Reservations may not be confirmed immediately and sometimes it may take several days to get replies back from hotels and operators. In the event that you decide to cancel before allowing sufficient time for the hotel or operator to respond, the standard cancellation penalty will apply (ie loss of deposit plus any other charges that may apply).
  • Payments and Price Changes. Failure to make deposit or final payments by specified date may result in cancellation of booking and cancellation fees will apply up to the total amount paid. If you have paid a deposit only, but you fail to pay the balance by date stipulated and as advised to you in writing, then the booking may be subject to cancellation and all money’s paid are to be retained as a cancellation fee. We strongly suggest that full payment for your package be made immediately on receipt of the Invoice or ‘Booking Advice’ to minimise any chances of price increases due to currency fluctuation. Airline tickets may be subject airfare, tax and other charge increase even if issued as this is governed by the airline and governments involved. When making any payment you must advise us by email of these details (including copy of bank receipt if paying by bank transfer) so that we can correlate the payment with your booking. Payments are not received unless acknowledged by us in writing. Payments received after 12 noon during normal work days will be processed by the end of the next work day. Any currency fluctuation that may occur between payment receipt and processing will be the customer’s responsibility. We are only able to make payments on your behalf and/or issue tickets once we have been notified by our bank that the funds have been received in our account (this may take one, or more working days). We are unable to issue any tickets or make any other payments on your behalf until the funds are in our account. We therefore strongly suggest that payments are made immediately on receipt of our invoice to avoid missing ticketing deadlines. In the event that your flight reservations are cancelled due to late payment and/or notification, flights will be re-booked however a higher airfare may apply.
  • Travel Insurance is strongly recommended and is available at extra cost. Your travel package prices are based on specially negotiated prices with hotels, airlines etc and cancellation fees are applicable for any bookings cancelled. The cancellation fee is 100% of the amount paid, or such other amount as otherwise advised in writing. Your travel insurance should include cover for cancellation/amendment fees in the event of unforseen circumstances affecting your travel plans. Advance purchase conditions may apply for your holiday. Should you not require our offered insurance, or you wish to take out your own insurance policy, you must complete the ‘Insurance Waiver’ form and return to us. We reserve the right to withhold your documents until the signed ‘Insurance Waiver’ form is returned to us. Please note that other insurance products may not give you the same level of cover as that offered by our offered insurance. In the event that you have taken out your own insurance and you need to make a claim on your insurance, we charge a fee of $55 per occasion to provide you or your insurance company with a statement.
  • Where airfares are included in your package, all prices are based on economy class air travel, unless otherwise specified. Airfares will require fully payment at time of reservation. If you elect not to pay for the airfares immediately we can book these at a later time however you will be subject to any airfare increases that may have occurred. Payment of a deposit does not guarantee the airfare.
  • Checked luggage fees may be additional depending on airline and if checked luggage is required, this should be requested at time of booking. If you wish to include checked bags at a later time, additional fees apply. It is strongly suggested that checked bags be arranged in advance as the fees at the airport may be very high.
  • In certain cases, where there is a cancellation, a credit may be provided (after deduction of applicable cancellation fees) towards the cost of a future Hideaway Holidays package – any such credit and it’s terms and conditions will be advised in writing and there will be a specified ‘use by’ date specified. If credit is not utilised by specified date, the credit is forfeited. Credit, if provided, can only be used towards the purchase of Hideaway Holidays packages and will be governed by conditions imposed by airlines, hotels and other suppliers. If the credit is held by the airline, this credit cannot be used for airfares only, and can only be used in conjunction with a Hideaway Holidays package with that airline. Credits are non transferable.
  • As our communications are by eMAIL we are unable to take responsibility for delays to messages caused by Internet Providers congestion on their servers, or for non delivery of email due to anti-spam software or other communication problems. If you require bookings to be made by phone or fax extra fees apply, and if this service is required it should be requested at time of booking.
  • Car rental (where included) and yacht charter are subject to rental companies terms and conditions. By booking with Hideaway Holidays the customer agrees to the terms of the contract and will be required to sign the rental company’s contract. Please note that the rental company’s contract will not necessarily be available prior to booking as in many cases the renter is required to sign the contract when commencing the rental. Contract may be provided in a language other than English and it is the renters responsibility to arrange for a translation if necessary. Failure to sign the contract would result in cancellation and appropriate cancellation penalties will be levied. Prices quoted are for minimum category vehicle – upgrades are available at extra cost. An insurance excess normally applies, however CDW Insurance may be available at extra cost. Fuel is at renter’s own expense.
  • Diving is a hazardous pastime and if you are booking a dive package, the diving is is at your own risk. The customer is required to get a medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner to certify that they are fit for diving and this letter must be sent by the customer to the service provider by the customer. Hideaway Holidays/Paradise adventures and Cruises will not be responsible where the customer has failed to forward such documentation to the service provider. The operator may require the production of this medical certificate before providing any diving. In the event that the operator deems the customer unsuitable for diving, the operator reserves the right to withhold all, or some diving services. In this event there will be no refund of any diving services that may have been booked, but not provided. It is the customer’s responsibility to advise the operator of any medical condition or handicap that needs to be taken into consideration in ascertaining the acceptability of a person for diving. All divers should ensure that they have suitable travel insurance to cover diving mishaps. It is the agent’s responsibility to ensure that the customers are suitably qualified and fit for the diving, and to provide the dive operator with all relevant information and forms. Hideaway Holidays/Paradise Adventures and Cruises takes no responsibility for any diving mishaps and/or lack of customer information.
  • Post Booking Service (PBS) fee applies where you require additional email or phone assistance from us after you have made your initial booking and will apply at our discretion. This fee covers additional work involved in advising you of hotel amenities, facilities and other services, tourist attractions and other information from other sources. The cost for this service is $110 per hour, or part there of. As an alternative, we suggest that you use the internet address of the hotel, tourist office or other supplier to obtain your own independent information. In the event that you request additional assistance (PBS), this can only be provided subject to availability at the time and we take no responsibility for the correctness of such information provided.
  • Amendments requested by you after confirmation are subject to an amendment fee of $55 per change (plus any fees levied by suppliers), where the request is more than 90 working days prior to departure. Amendments requested within 90 days of the original dates will incur a higher fee. In addition, a change in dates may be deemed a cancellation of your original booking and applicable cancellation penalties may apply. If you request an amendment, the hotels, airfares and the TOTAL PACKAGE will be re-costed and will be based on the new prevailing supplier rates and currency exchange rates. The revised cost for the new arrangements must not be less than the previous cost. Amendment fee(s) and the projected additional cost is payable before any changes are made If there any further adjustments these must be paid at time of confirmation of the amendments). In addition, the re-issue of airline tickets will incur a charge of $55 per ticket/sector plus the airline re-issue fee and a higher airfare may also apply. We are not able to handle any amendments within 90 days of your departure.
    • Change must be requested more than 90 days prior to original dates and the amendment fee, as advised must be paid at the same time.
    • New arrangements to be booked must be for similar standard hotel or package offered by Hideaway Holidays / Paradise Adventures and Cruises, the re-booked hotel/resort must be of the same star rating (or higher), same duration (or longer) and if flights were part of the original booking, these must also be included in the new package at the prevailing price at time of re-booking.
    • New dates must be provided at the time the amendment is requested and these must be within 9 months of the date the amendment has been requested. On confirmation of the package for the new dates, the full cost of the package is payable immediately. Where the new dates requested are outside the airline booking range, or other supplier rates are not yet available we reserve the right to confirm the new arrangements at a later time.
    • Booking for new dates is subject to availability and will be according to the supplier prices which are valid for the new dates and at the time the new booking is requested (previous special offers may not apply for the new dates).
    • No changes permitted to the re-booked arrangements and no further credit applies in case of further amendments, or in the case of a cancellation. .
    • Failure to provide new dates as outlined above will be deemed a cancellation and no refund applies.
    • We reserve the right to vary these conditions and any such variation will be advised in writing. on a case by case basis.
  • Child and infant airfares are based on the birth date on the dates of travel. In cases where one way airfares are used, the child and infant fares may be based on the child/infant age for each of the outbound and the return sectors. Where travel dates have been amended the new dates may result in the child becoming an adult and the infant becoming a child. This will result in a higher airfare being applicable and the increase will be charged accordingly.
  • Amendments after final payment. If there flight cancellations or delays which would result in changes to your ground content, you will need to contact the carrier to what alternative arrangements they are to make for you and you must contact all affected hotels and other service providers to advise of the changes. Any changes to flight reservations and/or ticket re-issue will need to be handled directly with the carrier(s) concerned. We are not able to assist with any re-bookings and any additional costs will be between you and the service provider or carrier.
  • Tickets must be issued in the name that appears on the passport. You must advise at time of reservation the correct names (as on passport) of all those travelling. If it is subsequently found that tickets are issued in an incorrect name, and tickets/documents need to be re-issued, then all applicable charges will be billed to your credit card.
  • Re-booking of flights and travel arrangements for new dates. Where a cancellation has taken place of your original travel arrangements and the airlines retains a portion of the airfare for future travel, all airline conditions relating to that retained credit apply. The rebooked travel is to take place within a certain period of time with the same, airline and as advised by the airline. Land content booked through Hideaway Holidays for a Hideaway Holidays must be included in the rebooked travel arrangements. The full cost of the new travel arrangements plus any re-booking fees must be paid before any new bookings are made. Re-booked travel arrangements are non refundable/changeable. Time limits, as advised, must be strictly adhered to. If you are not prepared to book land arrangements in conjunction with the intended new flight dates, the airfares and all other travel arrangements are non refundable.
  • Late bookings require extra communication costs and/or courier fees and are subject to additional charges. Late Bookings are accepted (within 15 days of departure), however please note that additional fee of AU$30 per person applies plus any courier charges, bank fees etc may apply. In some cases it may be impossible to predict all such charges at time of reservation and it may not always be possible to check with you each time such charges is incurred to complete your reservation or to get the documents to you in time. All such charges will be billed to your credit card. An extra courier fee will automatically be added to your invoice if you live outside Australia and are ordering your airline tickets through us
  • If you have already made reservations for a particular hotel or property and this property has become unavailable, for whatever reason, we will endeavour to find an alternative property for you. If this is not possible then our maximum liability is the refund of the amount paid (calculated in Australian dollars) for this accommodation (or whatever amount has been refunded to us), and shall not extend to any other arrangements booked.
  • All costs are quoted to you in Australian dollars. Any refunds shall be based on the prevailing exchange rate at the time the refund is processed. Refunds shall not include any credit fees and these will be deducted from the refund amount. In the event of a refund you will be subject to exchange rate variations and ant fees charged by the bank or credit card company. Hideaway Holidays is not responsible for any shortfall in the actual amount you receive from the bank, or credit card company.
  • Cancelled and rescheduled flights booked with Hideaway Holidays / Paradise Adventures and Cruises. Your booked arrangements are provided to you as a complete package and refunds cannot be made for individual components, or part components that have not been utilised for whatever reason. Where there has been a flight schedule change or cancelled flights booked through Hideaway Holidays / Paradise Adventures and Cruises and you stay for fewer nights at the designated hotel, we will provide you with a credit equal to the Nett refund from the hotel/supplier (and only after this has been refunded to us by the hotel/supplier) less a processing fee of $200 per person to cover our costs. This Nett credit can only be used towards a new Hideaway Holidays / Paradise Adventures and Cruises package to be booked for travel completed within 12 months of the original travel dates and this new package shall be based on costs applicable for the new travel date. If the credit is not utilised within this time period it is forfeited. Alternatively you may wish to claim on your travel insurance provider in which case you must seek supporting evidence for the claimed amount from the supplier (Hideaway Holidays/Paradise Adventures and Cruises are unable to assist in this regard). If the original flights are not booked with Hideaway Holidays there is no refund, or credit for any hotel and other services not utilised for any reason.
  • Refunds, if applicable, will be processed in Australian dollars and this may result in exchange rate variations when converted into your local currency. In some cases the credit card company will not refund to you their fee that was charged by them in the first place and other fees may be imposed. Hideaway Holidays is not liable for this shortfall. Refunds shall not include any credit fees and these will be deducted from the refund amount. Hideaway Holidays responsibility will end once the Australian dollar amount has been processed at our end.
  • Should you wish to request a refund this must be in writing. No information regarding refunds can be provided by phone. In the event that a refund involves airline tickets and/or international supplies, the refund may take several months to be finalised and will be subject to a refund being received from these suppliers. Hideaway Holidays will not be responsible for ant default or failure of any supplier. Refunds will be subject to currency fluctuations if refunds are being sought from international suppliers, and other currency variations and bank fees..
  • We reserve the right to amend your itinerary in circumstances beyond our control and this may affect the price and/or inclusions of your package. Any change in price must be paid before departure. Travel insurance (strongly recommended and available at extra cost) may offer protection in certain cases such as air schedule cancellations etc.
  • Where prices are quoted for extra nights on packages from Australia, these prices apply only in conjunction with a complete air/land package from Australia.
  • Land only requests (including those that do not have any international airfare content) must be accompanied by a deposit. Land only bookings are subject to a supplement of AU$30 per person and this will be added to your invoice. In the event that you are travelling on frequent flyer points and flight bookings are arranged by you directly with the airline this supplement may be waived if you produce evidence of your frequent flyer tickets at the time that you make your final payment).
  • Prices quoted are based on minimum category of accommodation at specified hotels. Should superior accommodation be required, extra cost applies and this will be confirmed at time of reservation. Hideaway Holidays / Paradise Adventures and Cruises are not able to guarantee specific bedding arrangements. Bedding configuration may vary in the one room category and although a specific bedding may be requested with the hotel, the allocation of beds and the type is at the discretion of the hotel.
  • Communications costs by phone or fax, whether requested by you or made on your behalf if deemed necessary and courier costs are additional and will be added to your invoice.
  • All overseas travel requires a valid passport valid for a minimum of 6 months after intended return to Australia. Visa(s) may be required for certain destinations on the itinerary. Also certain health requirements may apply – please check with your health advisory prior to departure. All documentation/health requirements are the passenger’s responsibility, and must be obtained prior to departure from your country of residency. You must check with your ticketing agent and the consulate the exact requirements for all countries on your itinerary.
    For packages from Australia and if you are a non-Australian passport holder you must obtain a paper visa for re-entry into Australia. This must be obtained prior to your first arrival into Australia. Valid passport is required with 6 months validity remaining after return to Australia.
    For packages from the United States and if you are a non-US passport holder you must obtain a visa for re-entry into the United States and this must be obtained prior to your first arrival into the United States. Valid passport is required with 6 months validity remaining after return to the United States.
    In addition you must have visa(s) for any other countries in your planned itinerary and these must be obtained in your country of residency.
    Be aware that different countries have different passport validity requirements for permitting entry (e.g. six months beyond period of intended stay). Presentation of a passport with inadequate validity may result in your being refused entry. Before you travel, check the passport validity requirements of the country, or countries, you intend to visit by contacting the appropriate foreign embassy or consulate.
    In the event that you are travelling to a country or countries which do not require a visa for Australian, or other passport holders, you must contact the consulate/embassy of these countries if you have been arrested or convicted in respect of any offence or breach of law, and check regarding entry requirements as you may require a visa. Non disclosure of this information may lead to your being refused entry on arrival in certain countries. Hideaway Holidays takes no responsibility for lack of appropriate documentation or denied entry and in that event normal cancellation penalties apply.
  • In the event that an accident, disaster or emergency is reported to have occurred in a country where you will or may be travelling, you authorise Hideaway Holidays to disclose to the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade details of your itinerary (including without limitation, transport and accommodation arrangements) and my/our contact details within Australia and overseas.
  • Child prices are based on children under 12 years (unless otherwise specified) sharing room with parents. Should family room or extra room be required for children this is generally at extra cost and will be advised at time of confirmation. Cots for infants are available at many hotels, however policy regarding cost varies from hotel to hotel. Where extra bed for third/fourth person is requested (were available) is generally a roll-away.
  • Airline tickets and other documentation will be issued as e-tickets and forwarded by email to the email address advised by you. If paper tickets are required we strongly suggest that you request us to send by Courier, however an extra charge applies and will be billed to you if this service is requested. Not withstanding this, if tickets/documents are lost during transit, they may be required to be re-issued. In this case extra charges will be billed to your credit card for re-issue. If you require documents to be sent earlier than standard, then an additional charge applies. Airline tickets and other documentation can be collected from our premises on payment of an additional fee of $55, but only after prior arrangements have been made with our office.
  • E-tickets, Vouchers and Travel Itineraries will be sent to you my eMAIL to an email address nominated by you. Should you require a printed set of vouchers and or itinerary to be sent to you by post you must request this at time of booking and an additional fee of $55 will apply. If you require courier delivery additional courier fees will apply.
  • Guard your tickets, vouchers and documents carefully as lost or misplaced tickets, vouchers and other documents will incur a fee for re-issue.
  • Prices provided by us are confidential and must not be divulged to a third party. In many cases quotes are based on specially negotiated rates valid for certain markets only. If you divulge rates to third parties your bookings are subject to cancellation and/or higher cost may apply.
  • Person making the booking, on behalf of the other people named in the reservations, agrees to take responsibility for all terms and conditions as set out in these Conditions, or on brochures, flyers, promotional material published by Hideaway Holidays. Any additional conditions will be specified on the invoice/confirmation.
  • Hideaway Holidays and Paradise Adventures and Cruises acts as an agent for various hotels, resorts, accommodation houses, tour operators and other service providers, and shall not be held liable for any injury, irregularity, loss or damage, howsoever arising from the provision of or failure to provide any such service. Information contained in brochures produced by hotels and other vendors that may be forwarded to you is subject to change without notice. Hideaway Holidays endeavours to provide you with up to date information, however Hideaway Holidays cannot be held responsible for services that the hotel or vendor chooses not to provide, omit or change or for the standard of such service or for any renovation work that may be currently under way at the hotel.
  • Credit Card payments are subject to additional fees as outlined above and are non refundable. In the event that travel services have not been provided as booked by the supplier due to the insolvency of the supplier, or for any other reason, the credit card holder waives their chargeback rights. All payments to Hideaway Holidays/Paradise Adventures and Cruises are non refundable and any claims for re-imbursement must be made direct with the supplier.
  • In the event of the insolvency of a travel supplier (for example, an airline, hotel, tour operator etc), Hideaway Holidays and Paradise Adventures and Cruises takes no responsibility, however an attempt will be made to recover any loses. In the event that these loses cannot be recovered, it is up to the client to pursue the supplier directly in relation to any claims. Hideaway Holidays and Paradise Adventures and Cruises will not be responsible for any refunds that cannot be returned from the supplier.
  • Hideaway Holidays / Paradise Adventures and Cruises will not take any responsibility where a booking is made with a supplier, where payments are made in advance, and it is subsequently determined that there has been a fraudulent misrepresentation by the supplier or some party claiming to represent the supplier. In this case Hideaway Holidays / Paradise Adventures and Cruises will endevour to get the payments returned, however if this fails the client/consumer shall not hold Hideaway Holidays / Paradise Adventures and Cruises responsible and no claim can be made for Hideaway Holidays / Paradise Adventures and Cruises to reimburse the client/consumer.
  • Any consumer claims will be governed by the laws of Australia in the State of New South Wales and any court action shall be heard in a court in the Sydney Metropolitan area.
  • Hideaway Holidays and Paradise Adventures and Cruises makes no representation as to the quality of services provided by the supplier (hotel, yacht charter, cruise or other service) and as such service standards may vary from time to time, it is the responsibility of the customer for independent assessment as to whether this is exactly what is required. By making deposit and other payments the customer acknowledges that they have made an independent assessment of what they are booking and agree not to hold Hideaway Holidays or Paradise Adventures and Cruises responsible for any dissatisfaction of the service provided. Any claims against the services provided due to any dissatisfaction shall be made by the customer or agent directly with the supplier.
  • Special note regarding yacht charters. Many yacht charter companies are operated by independent owners. If you are booking a skipper for your yacht charter, you will be in close quarters with the skipper (who may be the owner) for the duration of the charter and it is possible that you may find the experience unsatisfactory. Any such issues will be raised directly with the owner/operator/skipper and Paradise Adventures and Cruises/Hideaway Holidays will take no responsibility for any complaints.
  • Where payment has been made by cheque and this has subsequently been declined by the bank the additional fee is AU$25 plus bank fees for each occurrence. Where payment is made by a credit card and the amount to be charged is declined by the credit card company an additional fee of AU$25 for each occurrence will apply.
  • In the event of typographic errors on our web site, brochures or invoices we reserve the right to charge any additional costs to you, or amend specified inclusions, after having advised you of any such additional costs or inclusions. We reserve the right to correct any errors in rates or inclusions quoted or miscalculated for any Hideaway Holidays / Paradise Adventures and Cruises Website or any other product or service quoted via email or phone contact.
  • Any extra charges that you incur with hotels and other operators are your own responsibility and should be settled with them directly. Hideaway Holidays is not responsible for any disputes between you and the supplier relating to charges that you have incurred with them. In the event that we are charged by the hotel or operator for such addition services we reserve the right to pass the charge on to you.
  • Payment of a deposit does not guarantee the price. Prices are subject to change in the event of currency fluctuations, tariff changes, tax changes, levies, fuel surcharges and other reasons. Please note that although the price quoted to you may be in Australian dollars, many hotels and supplier rates are set in a currency other than that of the country they are located in (eg a hotel in Fiji may be quoting in in US dollars, or another currency), and any fluctuation in this currency relative to the Australian dollar will affect your package cost. If we are quoting in a currency other than Australian the same conditions regarding price changes will apply. All such increases must be paid prior to departure and shall apply to the total invoiced cost irrespective that a deposit, or other payments may have been paid. We reserve the right to charge you for any such additional costs up to the date of your departure even if you have made full payment. Failure you make payment by specified date may result in cancellation and all applicable charges shall apply. Please note that some suppliers issue rates in Australian dollars. Any improvement in exchange rates will not affect the price quoted.
  • Balance Payments. If you have elected not to pay the total cost of your package on receipt of the invoice, but at a later date, you will be subject to currency fluctuations. When you intend paying your final balance you must contact us to get the final amount on the day of your payment and this amount will be valid for payments received that day. We reserve the right to re-invoice you for any late payments and should there have been a currency adjustment adjustment required. In the event that there has been a price increase and you do not pay the additional amount within the period specified, the booking is subject to cancellation and there will be no refund of any amounts already paid.
  • All payments are deposited into a Trust Account held with an Australian bank and are paid to suppliers as required by contract. Hideaway Holidays reserves the right to transfer funds to international banks for payment of such supplier costs. Hideaway Holidays will not be responsible for any bank or foreign exchange company defaults, delays, or failure of the bank or foreign exchange company to transmit payments, whether this has occurred in Australia or internationally. In the event that we will need to use alternate means of making the Forex payment and this results in extra cost and/or different exchange rates, we reserve to pass on these costs to the customer.
  • As no record is kept of phone calls, we will not be responsibly for any claimed statements that may have been made during a phone conversation, or for any claimed information thus provided. Any complaints must must be send by email to info@hideawayholidays.com.au
  • Once you have requested a booking with Hideaway Holidays, all subsequent communications with the hotel(s) or other service suppliers are to be via Hideaway Holidays. Under no circumstances are you to forward special requests, or communicate directly with the hotel without written authorisation from Hideaway Holidays. Failure to adhere to this policy could result in cancellation, or additional costs.
  • All communications and updates regarding your reservations will be eMAIL to the eMAIL address provided by you. Should your eMAIL address change you must advise us by email of the new address and this change will not take effect until you have received from us an acknowledgement of the change. In the event that you require reservation advices and updates to be sent by fax instead of eMAIL you must advise us of your fax number in writing and again this change will not take effect until you have received from us an acknowledgement of the change. Due to our company policy of keeping a record of all communications relating to your query or booking, we are unable to keep you updated by telephone. Hideaway Holidays will not be responsible for your failure to receive our written notification(s) by eMAIL (or Fax). Please ensure that your mail is forwarded to you by your IP with all attachments, that your computer is functioning correctly and that you have no viruses. You must ensure that if you have a booking in place that you check your eMAIL mailbox on a regular basis and Hideaway Holidays holidays will not be responsible for your failure to read your eMAIL, or other written documentation, or for non delivery, or partial delivery of eMAILs (or other communications). Hideaway Holidays/Paradise Adventures will not be responsible for faults in your computer system preventing you from accessing our email, or for any other reason. We may ask you for your phone contacts in case of situations where we, or the airline, needs to contact you urgently. You must ensure that the provided telephone contact (landline, mobile, or otherwise) is functioning correctly and if the need be that we can leave a voice message. Any change in telephone contact must be advised to us in writing and an acknowledgment in writing must be received from us.
  • All documents (Quotes, ‘Booking Advice’, Invoices, Vouchers, Itinerary) must be thoroughly checked by the client and any discrepancies are to be reported by eMAIL to Hideaway Holidays within 48 hours of receipt. Hideaway Holidays will not be responsible for errors not brought to its attention within that period. You must check the itinerary on all documents that are sent to you to ensure that it all meets your requirements. If you require any changes to be made you must request these changes by email.
  • Always notify the service provider as listed on the service voucher in case of any travel disruption that could affect your holiday. This includes, but is not limited, flight delays which could affect your onward transportation and accommodation arrangements.
  • Any itinerary changes that the customer wishes to make after their departure, or once services have commenced, should be requested direct with the service provider as listed on the service voucher. All additional costs are the responsibility of the customer and must be settled direct with the service provider. Please note that there may be no refund on services not utilised and the refund is entirely at the discretion of the service provider. Hideaway Holidays/Paradise Adventures and Cruises are not liable for any any refunds which must be settled directly with the supplier.
    For example,
    ~ If the customer wishes to change their flight reservations, the customer must contact the airline directly to determine any amendment and/or cancellation charges. All additional airfares and fees must be paid direct to the airline.
    ~ If for any reason the customer wishes to move to another hotel, they must in the first instance contact the service provider to make alternative arrangements. Any additional charges are to be paid direct to the service provider.
  • Please read the Travel Warnings which may apply to the Country you are travelling to. You should take the advice as offered on these pages.