Uepi Island Resort - 5 Nights Holiday Package with All Meals, Transfers & More!

Seghe, Solomon Islands

2.5 rating

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Beach Suite

Imagine yourself on a small tropical island perched on the edge of the longest lagoon in the world. At Uepi Island Resort, situated on one of the barrier reef islands which defines the edge of the magnificent Marovo Lagoon, you need share this unique experience of paradise with only a few other people.

- Beach Suite: Bedding for 2xAdults

Minimum Stay of 5 Nights w/ Accommodation & Meals

Food and Beverage at Uepi Island Resort

Transfers to Uepi Island Resort

About Uepi Island Resort

The Uepi Island Resort is probably one of the best options for travellers looking for a detox from city life and the modern hustle. Its remoteness and rustic luxury is complemented by the jaw-dropping beauty of the Marovo Lagoon and the island itself. Travellers flying in from Brisbane or Sydney will first land at Solomon Islands’ capital, Honiara. From there, a fixed wing air shuttle provides transport to Seghe, a crushed coral airstrip an hour’s flight away. The friendly Uepi contact person waiting there will then man the last leg of the journey, an 18-km boat ride across the pale blue waters of the longest lagoon in the world. The Uepi Island Resort has six spacious bungalows (four beachfront and two set in the resort’s gardens), two guest rooms and two dual guest units to accommodate its guests. Read More...
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