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Yap, Micronesia

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O'Keefe's Waterfront Inn

Nestled on the pristine shores of Colonia in Yap, Micronesia, the O’Keefe’s Waterfront Inn offers travelers a unique escape into a world where tradition meets pristine natural beauty. This charming inn, celebrated for its historical setting and direct access to the tranquil Pacific waters, invites guests to experience Micronesia's beauty and rich cultural tapestry. With its colonial architecture and modern comforts, O’Keefe’s Waterfront Inn stands as a testament to Yap’s enduring heritage and the warm, welcoming spirit of its people. Read More...

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About O'Keefe's Waterfront Inn

From the moment guests arrive, the inn’s picturesque surroundings and waterfront allure beckon them to relax and explore. Whether travellers are drawn to Yap for its world-renowned scuba diving, its vibrant traditions, or simply the chance to unwind in a peaceful locale, O’Keefe’s Waterfront Inn promises a stay that’s as enriching as it is relaxing. Here, against the backdrop of gentle waves and lush landscapes, guests are treated to a hospitality that’s genuinely Micronesian, where every detail reflects the island’s natural beauty and communal spirit.

Location and Accessibility of O’Keefe’s Waterfront Inn

For guests embarking on their journey from Honiara or other international locations, reaching O’Keefe’s Waterfront Inn involves a connecting flight to Yap International Airport in Colonia. These flights, while less frequent than to more populous destinations, promise an adventure from the outset, offering stunning aerial views of the Pacific islands. Upon arrival in Yap, the inn is just a short drive from the airport, with transfer services available to ensure a smooth transition from air to island retreat. Situated near the water’s edge, the inn offers immediate access to the island’s rich marine life and vibrant cultural heritage. Guests can easily venture from their doorstep to explore ancient ‘stone money’ banks, traditional meeting houses, and lush mangrove forests, characteristic of Yap’s diverse ecosystem.

The inn’s location serves as an ideal base for diving into the wonders of Yap. From the majestic manta rays that glide through the island’s waters to the intricate coral reefs teeming with life, guests have unparalleled opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving. The inn can assist in arranging tours, including guided dives to both renowned and secluded spots, ensuring both novice and experienced divers experience the best of Yap’s underwater world. For those looking to explore beyond the water, Yap offers a variety of terrestrial adventures. The inn’s proximity to local villages enables guests to immerse themselves in Micronesian culture, with easy access to traditional dances, crafts, and the daily lives of the Yapese people. Hiking trails and eco-tours introduce the island’s lush landscapes and unique fauna, providing a full spectrum of nature’s bounty.

Accommodations at O’Keefe’s Waterfront Inn, Colonia

At O’Keefe’s Waterfront Inn, guests are invited to stay in one of five meticulously-appointed rooms, each designed to provide the utmost comfort and convenience while offering a seamless blend of traditional charm and modern amenities. With a focus on ensuring a restful and enjoyable stay, the inn’s accommodations cater to the needs of adventurers, relaxation seekers, and everyone in between. Each room at the inn is available in either a king bed or two twin beds configuration, accommodating individual preferences and group sizes. The flexibility in room setup ensures that whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple, or with companions, your lodging needs are met with comfort and style. The rooms are equipped with a range of modern amenities like air-conditioning for those warm Micronesian days, a hair dryer, telephone, and a refrigerator for keeping your refreshments cool. For valuables, an electronic safe provides security and peace of mind. Stay connected and entertained with free WiFi access and a Roku Smart TV in each room, offering a wide range of streaming options. A coffee pot with complimentary coffee, tea, and bottled water adds a touch of home comfort, ensuring you’re refreshed and ready to explore Yap. Each room extends into a private veranda overlooking the water, offering guests a personal oasis where they can relax, enjoy the serene views, and perhaps catch a glimpse of the day’s end as the sun dips below the horizon. Recognising the allure of Yap’s underwater world, each room includes a dive locker with fresh water and a hot-air dive equipment dryer, catering to divers’ specific needs. Fresh, clean towels are provided daily, ensuring you have everything you need for your aquatic adventures.

Bar and Nearby Dining Experience at O’Keefe’s Waterfront Inn

O’Keefe’s Waterfront Inn offers its guests the convenience of nearby dining with the charm of local eateries, complemented by the inviting atmosphere of the inn’s own fully-equipped bar. This unique arrangement allows guests to immerse themselves in the local food scene while enjoying the ease of room charge options and room service for a truly relaxed dining experience. The heart of social interactions, the bar at O’Keefe’s Waterfront Inn, is a perfect place to unwind after a day of exploration. Offering a selection of beverages, from refreshing cocktails to fine wines and local beers, the bar is an ideal spot for relaxing, mingling with other guests, or simply enjoying the peaceful ambience. The warm and welcoming bar staff are always on hand to recommend a drink or share stories about island life, making every visit a memorable one. Within easy walking distance of the inn, guests will find a variety of dining options that promise a taste of Yap’s culinary diversity. The Mnuw and Ganir Restaurants, also within walking distance, offer additional dining choices for guests looking to explore the local food scene further. From traditional Micronesian dishes to international cuisine, these establishments provide a delightful culinary exploration just steps from the inn.

Activities and Experiences in & Around Colonia, Micronesia

the O’Keefe’s Waterfront Inn is not merely a place to stay; it’s travellers’ gateway to the extraordinary adventures and serene beauty that Yap offers. The inn’s prime location provides unrivaled access to some of the most pristine waters in the Pacific, making it a haven for divers, snorkelers, and ocean enthusiasts looking to immerse themselves in the underwater wonders of Micronesia. Yap is a world-renowned scuba diving destination, famous for its clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and the opportunity to swim with the majestic manta rays. The inn facilitates unforgettable diving experiences with local diving operators, offering guests the chance to explore the underwater marvels of Yap. Whether you’re a novice diver looking for your first underwater adventure or an experienced diver seeking new challenges, the waters around Yap provide a diverse range of dive sites to suit all levels.

For those intrigued by history and the mysteries of the deep, Yap’s waters also host several wreck diving sites. These underwater time capsules offer a glimpse into the past, with sunken ships and aircraft from World War II resting on the ocean floor, now home to a wide array of marine life. The inn can assist in arranging trips to these historic sites, providing a once-in-a-lifetime diving experience. Not everything is deep below the surface; the coral gardens and shallow reefs near O’Keefe’s Waterfront Inn offer spectacular snorkeling opportunities. Guests can explore the vibrant marine ecosystems that are teeming with colorful fish, sea turtles, and occasionally, playful dolphins. Snorkeling trips can be easily arranged, ensuring that all guests have the chance to witness the beauty of Yap’s marine life up close. While the ocean offers endless adventures, the inn also serves as a starting point for exploring Yap’s rich cultural heritage and lush landscapes. Cultural tours offer insights into the island’s traditional practices, including the famous stone money banks, local villages, and ancient navigational charts. For those who wish to stay dry, there are plenty of hiking and bird-watching opportunities that reveal the island’s terrestrial biodiversity.

O’Keefe’s Waterfront Inn, Colonia: Micronesia Holiday Deals

This intimate inn, with its traditional charm and modern comforts, invites guests to a retreat that’s as much about adventure as it is about relaxation. At O’Keefe’s Waterfront Inn, every day is an opportunity to explore the underwater marvels of the Pacific, immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Yap, or simply unwind on your private veranda, lulled by the gentle sounds of the sea. Build your holiday here, check out Micronesia Hot Deals for the season’s latest, or call our South Pacific Specialists for bespoke itineraries – our number’s 1300 991 751!

Location of O'Keefe's Waterfront Inn

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