Beachcomber Island Resort - Solo Traveler: Treat yourself to a 5-night stay complete with meals, transfers and exciting activities!

Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

3.5 rating

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Vesi Dormitory

The air-cooled Vesi Dormitory has 6 bunk beds with a total of 12 bunk beds. The dorm has two toilets and two (hot water) showers each, private lockers, outdoor beach furniture and is in the midst of Beachcomber Island Resort’s lush gardens.

- Vesi Dormitory: Bedding for 2xAdults

All Meals (buffet breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner)

Food and Beverage at Beachcomber Island Resort

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About Beachcomber Island Resort

The Beachcomber Island Resort in the Mamanucas is one of those resorts where doing nothing at all is the most sought-after activity. Set on Beachcomber Island, the resort offers affordable accommodations, buffets, drinks and activities for young backpackers, budget travellers and groups. Read More...
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