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Bespoke Quarantine Holiday Packages

Isolation in Paradise

Of course, we need a break, a proper holiday even! Haven’t we been good enough? And our South Pacific Specialists have come up with the best Quarantine Holiday Packages this side of the globe.

How do we go for holiday with no quarantine?

That just means ‘holidays like we used to’. Sure, who doesn’t want that? But… that being said, governments across the world are working on opening borders slowly to keep COVID at bay. As good and worthy a job that is, we can book for holidays with quarantine in the meanwhile. As the pappy with the weather-lined grin put it to us, ‘we got to work with what we got, and not what we wish we had’. Fair enough, pappy. so we scoured the best of Fiji quarantine holidays, then went on to Vanuatu, Cook Islands, New Zealand, Samoa, New Caledonia and the rest of the South Pacific.

Stay inside on a holiday?

Consider it as a ‘stay-cation’ appetiser! Because that what it really is. Just a minimum safe period which the governments across the South Pacific are working on and adjusting according to international mandates. And with some of the best hotels and resorts in Fiji and other South Pacific countries (we’re talking some epically beautiful rooms, villas and bungalows with jaw-dropping views), the time will pass more quickly than you know.

How will quarantine affect holidays?

To be honest, we can’t say with certainty. Why? Because things are fluctuating, being discovered, managed and more often than not predictions are falling woefully short. For the time being, staying in quarantine a little while is more of a pinprick than a pain-point. Because, on the other side, is an entire holiday destination waiting with its arms open for you. So, while quarantine-free beach holidays are a little way off, we can guarantee you isolated beaches and no waiting lines for the bar. Turn a negative into a positive, that’s how! Imagine the Lalomanu beach in Samoa or the Natadola beach in Fiji – but with just you and yours. That’s rare, even by local standards! That’s what you can expect after a short spell of Samoa quarantine holiday and Fiji quarantine packages!

What’s the best quarantine holidays that we can get?

Great question, and we’re glad that you asked! As we said a little earlier, we’ve entire quarantine holidays set up where you fly in, get whisked to a very, very nice hotel or resort, settle in with all meals and WiFi included! But of course, we didn’t rest there. You can book an isolated villa on a private beach with chef services, yoga sessions and more. But that’s not all! Have more family members who want to pitch in? Book out an entire private island and chill out as long as you want, your very own COVID-free holiday. Because that’s what you’ll get, as long as you want. A stress-free oasis of long holiday in the South Pacific. Check out the quarantine holiday deals below, they are updated and refreshed as soon as one of our partner resorts come up with better offers.

Need something more personalised? For bespoke quarantine holiday packages in the South Pacific, call our South Pacific Specialists at 1300 991 751! Want to keep an eye on what’s latest in COVID and travel?  Check out our blog section on COVID and bookmark it!

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